Thursday, August 6, 2009

Annie's Caps - Family In Bikinis

At age 45, Allen Wyatt feared being alone – he and his wife Kristy were going to enjoy having their rambunctious boys Larry and Shaun out of the house – but Allen never dreamed that an aneurism would take his soul mate from him too soon.

His sons of course mourned their mom, but all 3 men suffered from the typical male reserve. They tried to live alone and drown their sorrows in hard work and hard partying, but it was dragging them all down. In an attempt to build some bonds with his sons, Allen took them on vacation to their favorite resort.

On a whim, Larry (20) suggested they visit the local water park – his college buds had texted him that the women displaying their bodies there was well worth the trip. Shaun (25) scoffed that water slides were for kids, but also appreciated the female form in tiny bikinis. And maybe it would stimulate a response in Dad as well.

Of course, you know what the mandatory showers do to every male visitor, and the Wyatts were understandably shocked by the changes.

As shocking as it was for Larry & Shaun to be blonde babes with boobs and bikinis – they couldn’t believe how much stunning Allen was as a brunette cougar. And since they had gotten a free upgrade to a weekly pass, they had to remain girls for the balance of the vacation.

Allen took to femininity like a fish to water – she began calling herself Anna, and dubbed her new “daughters” Lisa and Stacy. In addition to changing their bodies, it made their bonds of family love stronger – and also brought out feminine sensibilities when it the new opposite sex. Anna, Lisa and Stacy enjoying making men drool over their taught bodies in skimpy swimsuits.

By the time they got home, they had taken lifetime passes at the water park so both young ladies could remain close to their mother.

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