Sunday, August 23, 2009

Annie's Caps - Madame Jae's "Surprise, Cousin!"

CARL: Hey, cuz, check out the new you! Hot blonde in the house!

MARC: Evan, you look even more amazing then my brother and I did after taking the Madame Jae’s treatment.

EVAN: I…don’t believe it. I have long legs and long hair… and my voice. My God… I am 100% female from head to toe!

CARRIE: That ain’t all that’s new on you, Erin. Those pert little boobies and very realistic vagina we all now have – that’s part of the Madame Jae’s “upgrade package.”

MICHELLE: Hey, sis, maybe she’ll find a cute guy to help her test her new plumbing ! Just remember to make him use a condom!

ERIN: Guys? Yikes! Until yesterday, I was the one using a rubber!

CARRIE: Well, we’ll go out clubbing later, but first – SHOPPING TIME and a little female bonding with Mom and Aunt Holly.

ERIN: Who’s Aunt Holly? And you know your Mom died years ago! What the hell are you both talking about?

MICHELLE: Well, Mom is who you knew as Uncle Scott… you can now call her Aunt Sabrina. Smoldering brunette – like we are! She’s so beautiful now, and she loves spending time with her new sister Holly. Holly’s a blonde like you are, sweetie!

ERIN: No way! Uncle Scott and my dad – drank it too?

CARRIE: Yep, Uncle Harry is now a MILF who is also getting an introduction to womanhood by our new mom! And of course, she is getting used to having her own pussy and tits!

ERIN: Oh my God – he … she wouldn’t actually have sex with.. You know… a man… I mean… we just normal, lonely guys.

MICHELLE: Sweetie, we all went through this. Now Mom, Carrie and I all have great boyfriends with lots of money - and big dicks - who spoil us with gifts and take us out on romantic getaways.

CARRIE: You’ll see, men are so tasty – and wait until you and your mom get used to flirting with - and sleeping with - sexy men!

Annie's Caps - Madame Jae's Ad Campaign

Here at Madame Jae’s, we specialize in bringing families closer than ever. As a father, has your boorish or irresponsible behavior led to poor role modeling for your son? Is the relationship you and your son share bitter, contentious, or simply non-existent?

By spending a night, a weekend, a week, or longer with Madame Jae’s trained experts, our guests create new feminine identities – or bring forth long dormant feelings. By letting go the vanities of masculinity, parents and children bond in ways only mother and daughters can.

LEFT: Penny & Eliza - Portland

Construction worker Elliott fathered Peter on a one night stand. The boy resented not knowing his father. But PENNY loves going shopping with her “mom” ELIZA. They’re planning a trip to Disney next year.

RIGHT:Wanda & Lisa - Long Island

17 year old Lewis had gotten in the wrong crowd, and his dad Warren didn’t know how to reach him. Last week, WANDA and LISA left Madame Jae’s for an exotic cruise where they bonded as mother and daughter. They enjoyed the warm weather, and turning a few heads along the way.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Annie's Caps - Flower Girls

I would guess that most parents would flip out if their son came to them and said "I want to be a girl."

My Michael did that, and at age 5, he was not saying that to get attention or some other childish prank - he was serious, and Dr. Weiss agreed.

I trusted Dr. Weiss - after all, the year after Michael was born, and Julie left me for another man, I finally faced my own gender identity. I was his biological father, but in every way that matter, I became his mother.

After undergoing SRS, I legally changed my name from Dennis to Donna; a few years later, my new lover Robert asked me to marry him. The week before the wedding, I filed all of the necessary paperwork to change my child's name to Miranda, and we went away on a trip for the first time as mother and daughter.

I bought her a new wardrobe, which including this darling flower girl dress. As she watches me and her new step-dad exchange vows, she will dream of the day she will walk down the aisle and become a wife.

The only thing better than living as a beautiful woman is sharing that joy with my darling daughter.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Annie's Caps - Brothers Who Became Brides


Growing up, I took the role of big brother very seriously. Ok, I can admit it now, I hated pro wrestling, loved the ballet, and snuck a pair of Mom’s panties in my room every night. I was too pretty for my own good, and dying to admit how much of a girl I wanted to be – but Scotty looked up to me, and I couldn‘t let him down. That is until one day, I caught him with Mom’s lipstick and eye shadow on. He thought his bro was going to kick his ass, instead I start bawlingand hug him.

That night, a lot got out in the open between us – the beginning of that wonderful sisterly bond we share. Luckily, Momma knew that we were two cute girls dying to come out, and that’s why we moved to Arizona to start new lives.

Now here we are – hours away from walking down the aisle – together! Our sexy grooms are waiting for us. Bobby adores Steph – and trust me, she’s had guys falling in love with her ever since she emerged. As far as my Danny, well – both he and Bob are going to always remember the night mybaby sister and I rocked their worlds!


Jason was two years older than me and everything you could want in a role model. He has very athletic, self-assured, and the girls flocked to him like a movie star. I always felt like I had to be more like him – and how ironic that though turned out!

The girl inside that I knew was in secret was going to ruin any chance I had of being just like my big brother. I hid my dressing and make-up sessions from everyone, especially Jason. When he saw me

one day in what was a hideous use of mascara and color, I waned to DIE. But instead of getting angry

or physical, he choked back a sob – and hugged me!

It was so incredible to learn that we both felt the need to be real women. Together we learned to lean on each other, and eventually Mom and everyone accepted us asgirls. And of course, my Bobby and her Danny love us and worship us.

I still learn a lot from Jenny about being confident. She keeps Dan VERY happy and wrapped around her little finger – and of course, I have used some of those tricks with my man! I am so looking to us both saying “I Do” and starting new lives as young wives. And it will be so incredible to be with my big

sister and our guys in Aruba.

We’ll be inseparable – at least until we and our husbands get offthe plane and get into our honeymoon suites! :)

Annie's Caps - Madame Jae's Fathers Day

Click here to see part 2 :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Annie's Caps - Family In Bikinis

At age 45, Allen Wyatt feared being alone – he and his wife Kristy were going to enjoy having their rambunctious boys Larry and Shaun out of the house – but Allen never dreamed that an aneurism would take his soul mate from him too soon.

His sons of course mourned their mom, but all 3 men suffered from the typical male reserve. They tried to live alone and drown their sorrows in hard work and hard partying, but it was dragging them all down. In an attempt to build some bonds with his sons, Allen took them on vacation to their favorite resort.

On a whim, Larry (20) suggested they visit the local water park – his college buds had texted him that the women displaying their bodies there was well worth the trip. Shaun (25) scoffed that water slides were for kids, but also appreciated the female form in tiny bikinis. And maybe it would stimulate a response in Dad as well.

Of course, you know what the mandatory showers do to every male visitor, and the Wyatts were understandably shocked by the changes.

As shocking as it was for Larry & Shaun to be blonde babes with boobs and bikinis – they couldn’t believe how much stunning Allen was as a brunette cougar. And since they had gotten a free upgrade to a weekly pass, they had to remain girls for the balance of the vacation.

Allen took to femininity like a fish to water – she began calling herself Anna, and dubbed her new “daughters” Lisa and Stacy. In addition to changing their bodies, it made their bonds of family love stronger – and also brought out feminine sensibilities when it the new opposite sex. Anna, Lisa and Stacy enjoying making men drool over their taught bodies in skimpy swimsuits.

By the time they got home, they had taken lifetime passes at the water park so both young ladies could remain close to their mother.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Palmetto - Character Profile

Palmetto - Chapter 1

Yea it's been a while :) - needed some creative juice revitalization. Here is part of a project that has been years in the making.