Sunday, July 5, 2009

Annie's Caps - Unbreakable

Background: Former pro quarterback Ryan Daniels , and his 11-year old son Ty were kidnapped by Mary’s Blood, a ultra feminist group who wanted to make an example of a haughty male athlete. Both father & son were brainwashed into believing that they were female; Ryan, dubbed “Renee” by his captors, was subjected to castration, hormone therapy, and other unspeakable torture.

While Ty was not physically harmed, he watched in horror at the results of his Ryan’s conditioning . Ty was treated like a submissive little girl during their capture.

Refusing to cut his hair, his captors also put “Tori” in nightgown and stockings, and taunted him that “she” would grow up to be a whore like his “mom.”

After nearly two years, the FBI raided the Mary’s Blood compound and discovered the devastated twosome shivering in lingerie. Doctors could not reverse the effects of the estrogen on Renee’s body, much less rebuild her male psyche.

Wishing only to care for her child, Renee agreed to complete her SRS and accept the woman that she now was. Tori also chose to remain a girl, as the mother & daughter they had become now had a unbreakable bond from their shared trauma.

Together they gave each other the conviction to get past their scars and abuse, and embrace the femininity that had been forced upon them.

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