Friday, July 10, 2009

Annie's Caps - A Little Too Convincing...

Jerry Peters was 23, and raising his son Davey all by himself while working as an auto mechanic. One day while working, the local shock jock sponsored a contest where local dads would dress in drag to win Jonas Brothers tickets.

Jerry had his own wardrobe of lovely dresses and was very proficient at applying makeup and styling his long brown hair. “Jenny” thought her cross-dressing would give her an advantage over some dads who only looked foolish. Of course, her ease at being feminine made the other contestants and the DJ feel pretty awkward.

As a result, Jenny finished second to a dad who didn’t even shave off his beard or his legs. However, Jenny was very proud of her ability to look, sound, act, and walk like a genetic woman.

“Daddy, you should have won! You were the prettiest lady in the whole world!” lamented Davey.

“And you are the prettiest little girl ever,” Jenny replied with a kiss to her son, who looked so cute in his dress. “You’re too young for a concert, Daphne, so… how about we go to dinner somewhere nice with the 2nd place prize – a gift card to Pizza Place!”

“Yay! Let’s go Mommy… I want some pepperoni!”, squealed Daphne, Jenny’s “daughter”

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