Monday, July 6, 2009

Annie's Caps - D-Light-Ful

D-LIGHT-FUL: What’s the biggest secret of the world’s hottest girl group?

It would absolute be the biggest shock in pop culture history if a sexy glamorous diva like Beyonce or Hayden or Taylor was found to born male – well, what if four sisters all had secrets buried in their short skirts and thong panties. Nobody would believe it.

So when the Cho brothers – Nathan (20), Darryl (19), Clyde (18), and Alvin (17) put on matching dresses and wigs for Halloween, a certain magic was apparent. With their lithe bodies and soft features, the boys were instantly authentic looking, acting, and sounding as girls. Their Svengaliesque agent immediately lined the boys up for elective surgery and hormone therapy to lock in their look and appeal. Soon, the “sisters” began to challenge each other in tasks of femininity.

First Jeanie had a successful date with a Hollywood heartthrob, then Danni, Cyndi, and Annie followed suit. Their closeness not only bonded their femininity but also made their harmonies and dance moves completely in sync. Every red blooded male wanted one night with a Cho sister – and none of their admirers would ever see these Chinese-American sex kittens as anything but 100% female!

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