Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Annie's Caps - Important

“Brad, my son, I have to tell you something very important…”

“OK Dad, but first I have to tell you something important too!”

“Huh? OK, well let me go first. I…. I know we have been posing as a single mother and teenage daughter for six months…”

“Dad! I love being Becky! I’m a cute teen girl who’s popular and I now have a BOYFRIEND who treats me like a princess, and I have this incredible wardrobe of cute clothes & makeup, and…”

“You… you want to still be Becky? Are.. You serioius?”

Oh God… you must really hate me (sniff) thinking I’m a sissy…”

“Becky… I love you, you are my only child, and I have enjoyed our trips to the mall and watching you blossom as a young lady. I so love being the mom!”

“Are you saying you want to continue dressing as a woman? But you’re Mark Winger, the former big league pitcher turned sports talk radio host.”

“I don’t want to dress like a woman, I want to BE a woman, honey. I love being Michelle Winger, stylish and fashionable, with the most sweet and beautiful daughter any woman would love to call their own!”

“Oh my God! We both dressed as girls to fulfill a bet that we lost your best friend Tony! But now we came to talk to each other with the huge announcement!"

“Well… almost Becky. I knew that I was always going to become a woman, and that I hoped that you would feel the same way, so that we could bond as mother and daughter. And after seeing you respond to Peter’s kisses and embraces, I knew you were meant to be a passionate female, like yours truly. But that’s just part of the big news I have for us. The other news is that Tony asked me to marry him… and I said yes! How ironic, that on Father’s Day, your ex-jock former father, became engaged to his former teammate and best friend… and now my lover?”

“That’s incredible Mom! I love how we both have become these beautiful girls with loving men and our own special bond. Love you!”

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