Sunday, June 28, 2009

Annie's Caps - Single Mom

My name is Charice Jones and this is my daughter Danica. I pray that one day, I can sit down with my baby and tell her my amazing story.

About how a young couple in love (Carlton & Vanessa) and their newborn son Darius were the victims of a horrific auto accident. How Darius’s genitals were destroyed by
scrapnel, and his birth mother was killed instantly. My own injuries were mental; I felt like a failure as a husband and father to protect his family.

When the doctors suggested gender reassignment and turning my son into my daughter, I was naturally against it, but our counselors convinced my mom and I that Danica was young enough to be raised as a girl her whole life. Mom also reminded that she raised me as a single parent, and I could do the same with a little girl. She also knew that I cross-dressed in private, and because my momma was my idol growing up, that my baby needed her own role model.

That was six years ago, and thank God everyday that I chose to become the mother my daughter needed in her life. Now that my mom is with the Lord – and with Vanessa – I am carrying on a special family tradition. I’m Charice, single mom – although I’m seriously contemplating my man Patrick’s offer to give Nica a stepdad! He is so good to me – to both of us!

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