Monday, June 15, 2009

Annie's Caps - Miracle

Jessica: My wife, and Keith’s biological mom, discovered that I was a transsexual and stormed out of our lives. I struggled with my gender identity while trying to be a good dad. One night I cried myself to sleep, and suddenly was woken by this incredibly beautiful little girl.

From her eyes I knew that somehow, my little boy had become this angelic young lady, and now suddenly I had undergone my own change and I wasn’t Jake anymore. I thank whatever force in the universe made my dream come true. I don’t know why my child had to change too… but she is so pretty and I know she’ll grow up to be gorgeous…

Kylie: Daddy was so sad being a boy, and whenever he cried, I cried too! When he dressed as a lady, he was so pretty, and I wondered if he could teach me how to wear a dress and lip-stick. I prayed one night that God would make him my mommy and that my mommy would take me shopping for a pretty dress.

When I woke up, my whole room was pink and I had dollies on my dresser instead of a baseball glove. I ran to dad’s room, and it was now MOMMY’s room. She was so pretty, and I’m gonna grow up and be as pretty as she is!

And now that Mister Rich is her boyfriend (and I hope he becomes my new Daddy, because he loves us girls so much), I hope one day I find a cute boy to be my boyfriend and marry him too!

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