Sunday, June 28, 2009

Annie's Caps - Coming Out Party

“Thank you to all of our family and friends for attending our coming out party. This is a huge day for my mother and myself. For those of you who have known Victor Fong from his days playing soccer as a young boy to his adult life as a proud father and telephone repairman, please let me introduce you to my sexy mom, Virginia Fong, now an executive secretary with who loves gardening and hoop earrings. Give her a big hand, folks. Mom, say hello to everyone!”

“Thank you darling, and now, for those of you who remember my rambunctious son Gabriel, who had the largest collection of comic books of any young boy, and had recently graduated from State Tech to become an engineer… let me introduce you to my wonderful and pretty daughter Gretchen Fong, who has a fetish for open toe shoes which actuate her long legs and round, tight butt!”

“Ha ha, you got a nice ass too Mom! God knows you paid the surgeon a lot of money to make us come out as cute as we did. And let me tell you, in addition to money, we worked hard to make our outsides match our insides, because we knew we were girls inside. We cried a lot of tears, and dealt with a lot of hardship and animosity… some long time family still refuse to accept us as women. But the hell with them… as mother and daughter we have never been closer, and we will always be there for each other, and with in mind we have an announcement… Mom?”

“Now that we are the two fabulously dressed and desirable females, we are announcing that we are jumping head first into the dating scene. Gentlemen… the Fong women are on the prowl! We are looking for some Chinese-American men with good looks, steady jobs, and proper manners to show my daughter and I a good time. We are looking for future husbands, but we both want to date around for a while, and experience the sweetest rewards of our new female bodies!”

Annie's Caps - Single Mom

My name is Charice Jones and this is my daughter Danica. I pray that one day, I can sit down with my baby and tell her my amazing story.

About how a young couple in love (Carlton & Vanessa) and their newborn son Darius were the victims of a horrific auto accident. How Darius’s genitals were destroyed by
scrapnel, and his birth mother was killed instantly. My own injuries were mental; I felt like a failure as a husband and father to protect his family.

When the doctors suggested gender reassignment and turning my son into my daughter, I was naturally against it, but our counselors convinced my mom and I that Danica was young enough to be raised as a girl her whole life. Mom also reminded that she raised me as a single parent, and I could do the same with a little girl. She also knew that I cross-dressed in private, and because my momma was my idol growing up, that my baby needed her own role model.

That was six years ago, and thank God everyday that I chose to become the mother my daughter needed in her life. Now that my mom is with the Lord – and with Vanessa – I am carrying on a special family tradition. I’m Charice, single mom – although I’m seriously contemplating my man Patrick’s offer to give Nica a stepdad! He is so good to me – to both of us!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Annie's Caps - Miracle

Jessica: My wife, and Keith’s biological mom, discovered that I was a transsexual and stormed out of our lives. I struggled with my gender identity while trying to be a good dad. One night I cried myself to sleep, and suddenly was woken by this incredibly beautiful little girl.

From her eyes I knew that somehow, my little boy had become this angelic young lady, and now suddenly I had undergone my own change and I wasn’t Jake anymore. I thank whatever force in the universe made my dream come true. I don’t know why my child had to change too… but she is so pretty and I know she’ll grow up to be gorgeous…

Kylie: Daddy was so sad being a boy, and whenever he cried, I cried too! When he dressed as a lady, he was so pretty, and I wondered if he could teach me how to wear a dress and lip-stick. I prayed one night that God would make him my mommy and that my mommy would take me shopping for a pretty dress.

When I woke up, my whole room was pink and I had dollies on my dresser instead of a baseball glove. I ran to dad’s room, and it was now MOMMY’s room. She was so pretty, and I’m gonna grow up and be as pretty as she is!

And now that Mister Rich is her boyfriend (and I hope he becomes my new Daddy, because he loves us girls so much), I hope one day I find a cute boy to be my boyfriend and marry him too!