Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More Comic Covers - HOUSE OF GIRLS

First, if you didn't know already - the fabulous Femur asked me about a month ago to bring some of these comic covers to her TGCaps.com site. Please check out all of the wonderful captioning goddesses (like my gal Jezzi and her Vaingirls collection, or the superb Rachael Beck, or the awesome Lorna Samuels, just to name a few)

Oh and some are not goddesses, but they are all deities in their own right ;)

And also, TGCaps is the spinoff of the incredible TGComics site that Femur built years ago. It has a very lively forum section (that Great Sage character is always on, being extremely witty) and a lot of very original art and storytelling. You'll also see yours truly on the forum!

Femur has commissioned some great artists like Tebra (the super hero transformation specialist) and C Black (who's latest piece, Road Trip, looks so well done and I'm dying to see the next part of the story). Now Femur is getting folks to sign up for these stories, and I'm here to tell you kids - worth every penny and more! Please support them!

Second - a second line of my comic covers are coming out soon on TGCaps under the "Family Tradition" banner. Plus a special shout-out to Jezzi who did the same for me with a VG cover. How sweet, I must return serve. Cheers lxxxoo

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