Sunday, May 17, 2009

Annie's Caps - Nunsense

LARRY: OK guys, as you know, we, the Kowalski brothers, are the defending Best Costume Group winners at the lodge – now how are we (showing photo of the three brothers dressed as nuns) going to top last year?

ALEX: Well, Larry I’ve done a little research. Everyone got a big laugh about how easy it was for brothers to become “sisters.” So I checked on the Internet for a way for us to really to be sisters!

JIMMY: So we should be nuns again? That’s hardly original.

ALEX: Shut up – now both of you just meet me at this salon on 4th Street at 11am on the 31st.

(We zoom ahead in the story to Saturday after Halloween.)

LAURA: I have to give you credit, honey, not only did we win the prize, I feel like we really are women, and that we are truly sisters!

JESSICA: Group hug! I love you guys!

ANNE: Well, I don’t see any guys here, Jess, other than those studs we met at the lodge party. Those gals at the drag makeover salon made us look AND feel like real women. And I don’t mean any nuns – I know we all broke several commandments that night!

LAURA & JESS: Amen, sister! (giggle fest)

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