Sunday, May 17, 2009

Annie's Caps - Going Straight Into Dresses

Richie Ellwood was a grifter and a con man and after 30 years of scamming people out of money (mostly naïve widows – he did see himself as a Lothario) he was getting worried that the Feds would catch up to him and his young son Johnny who had begun to join him in his endeavors.

Johnny was definitely surprised and resistant to Richie’s new play – the boys would shave their bodies, wear prosthetics on their chests and buttocks, grow and style their brown hair long and curly, wear makeup and pose as Rhea and Jodi Woodley, an attractive widow with a lovely college age daughter. Rhea would still be doing the lonely widow… just from the other side of the equation.

Jodi was understandably freaked out from seeing her macho dad become a woman, and then feign interest in attractive men – he knew Richie was no “poof” – and neither was he but then again what hetero guy wears dresses and heels? Still he was amazed at how naturally both of them impersonated women.

Rhea’s “conquest” landed him a state senator who put Rhea and Jodi up in a swank hotel and gave them some credit cards to go build their increasing feminine wardrobe.

“Mom” Jodi asked Rhea as they returned from a day of retail therapy, “Don’t think I’m going gay or something but this guy Marc wanted to take me out for some coffee and a walk in the park. I think it will be good for our cover, don’t you?”

“Great idea, sweetie” replied Rhea, who wanted to do jumping jacks inside. Because Jodi had no idea that her ‘mother’ and Senator Williams were cahoots to have the senator’s aide – a young stud named Marc – woo the pretty young ‘girl.’

And once Jodi succumbed to Marc’s charms – aided by the cocktail of estrogen that she didn’t know she was being administered - then Rhea could finally say goodbye the gifter lifestyle as father and son – and embraced the role of sexy woman, devoted mother and passionate lover.

She would call her Senator boyfriend to come over and celebrate after Marc picked up Jodi for their first date!

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