Thursday, May 14, 2009

Annie's Caps - Doctor Doctor

Moss & Moss MD PA is a medical practice located in rural Allen County. Dr. Kyra Moss practices internal medicine while her partner Dr. Bridget Moss specializes in pediatrics. They work with a staff of two physician assistants 3 RNs and an office manager all who are known for their outstanding care and friendly attitudes.

The doctors came to Allen County in 2000, a year after undergoing SRS. Formerly brothers Keith and Brent Moss, each decided to change sex and gave up lucrative position at big city hospitals in order to schedule RLT and surgery. The new sisters scouted locations across the state where they felt their medical services would be best utilized and thanks to connections within the state medical association they were able to transfer their accreditations to their new female identities.

Why would two highly intelligent and personable young men want to risk ridicule and disbarment in this way? When Keith was 15 he stumbled upon Brent at age 12 wearing mom’s pantyhose and bra. Keith hugged his brother and told him something shocking – he wanted to be a pretty girl his whole life.

From that moment on they were “sisters” and 22 years later, they blossomed as two gorgeous women who loved being doctors and female!

Now that they are no longer posing as men Kyra and Bridget are now both eager to sample life as single women. Oddly enough Jerry & Ted Kramer are both attorneys and brothers.

Let’s listen in as the gals greet their boyfriends after a long day at the medical center.

Well Dr. Bridget I think our patients would benefit from a little “Jacuzzi therapy.” That and some wine and some cuddling. I’m sure we can help you boys “recuperate” from a long day in court? Do you agree with my “diagnosis” sister dear?

I concur Dr. Kyra! (giggle) Gentlemen, please take off all your clothes while we put our lab coats and stethoscopes away. After we get out of the tub we can retire to our separate bedrooms for some “physical therapy.” Now don’t be shy… oh my… look at the swelling, DOCTOR…

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