Saturday, May 2, 2009

Annie's Caps - 2 Dads + 2 Sons = 4 Babes!

Miriam Geller and Lourdes Sanchez have a lot in common. They are both M2F transsexuals, and both transitioned at the age of 30, after having struggled with their male identities for so long. Miri was born Max Geller, and Lola was born Luis Sanchez. They both had married beautiful women who couldn’t cope with the men in the lives needing to be female – especially when both were more beautiful en femme.

They both had fathered a son, who they were left to raise after their spouses left. And in each case, the young men now being mothered by their biological dads were also gender challenged. Both Evan Geller and Ricardo Sanchez expressed to their new moms their desire to be girls.

While the Gellers and Sanchezes have so much incredibly in common, they have differences, but they have transcended those by working together. Lola Sanchez and her daughter Rosario are Mexican-American, and proud of it. Like many Hispanic families, Rosa was going to celebrate her 15th birthday or Quinceanera. However, many of Lola’s family and friends had distanced themselves from the transgendered duo, and Lola felt alone and confused.

The social worker who helped guide mother and daughter through their transition called Miri Geller. A year prior, Miri’s now-daughter, Elizabeth Geller, was turning 12 and was given a Bat mitzvah, as the Geller family are proud of their Jewish faith and heritage. Miri had had so much fun planning and hosting Lizzie’s bash, that she decided to get into the catering and event planning business.

As a single mom and TS herself, Miri was more than happy to help Lola plan the party, even go so far as to having her relatives attend the bash in lieu of Lola’s bigoted relatives. The moms took both their girls out to shop for Rosa’s dress, and the foursome hit it off immediately. Rosa and Lizzie are now like sisters, as are their lovely mothers.

After the party, Miri and Lola decided to become business partners, forming 4 Babes Catering. And this week, these four pretty ladies are going on a two week cruise, where Rosa and Lizzie are pushing their mommies to go find handsome men to be their step-dads – and of course, they will be looking for some teen hunks to flirt with as well!

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