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Miscelleanous caps I found and liked :)

I take absolutely no credit for these selection of family-friendly caps. In some cases I know who did them but some I don't and I should try and find out. Enjoy!

This is from (duh)


Hi all. This is a revised version of the story I posted to several fiction sites (including the revised Fictionmania) as well as have saved in my Yahoo group (now our archive) I redid the images in widescreen format and edited the tale with a new twist.

The genesis of the idea for casting these three incredible actresses came from seeing Ms. Streep, Ms. Kidman and Ms. Knightley all appear in these gowns on the Academy Awards red carpet. I think it was Entertainment Weekly that put pictures full lenhgth pix of the three of them side-by-side-by-side, and that made me think, "Wow, they could just be the sexiest family ever!" Meryl sometimes escews the glam but when she dresses up she can look outstanding. If you don't beleive me, go see
Mamma Mia! ;)

And now, our story:

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Annabelle's Modified Panels

Wow, I just realized that I hadn't uploaded these modified captions to F/T! These are also available at :)

More Comic Covers - HOUSE OF GIRLS

First, if you didn't know already - the fabulous Femur asked me about a month ago to bring some of these comic covers to her site. Please check out all of the wonderful captioning goddesses (like my gal Jezzi and her Vaingirls collection, or the superb Rachael Beck, or the awesome Lorna Samuels, just to name a few)

Oh and some are not goddesses, but they are all deities in their own right ;)

And also, TGCaps is the spinoff of the incredible TGComics site that Femur built years ago. It has a very lively forum section (that Great Sage character is always on, being extremely witty) and a lot of very original art and storytelling. You'll also see yours truly on the forum!

Femur has commissioned some great artists like Tebra (the super hero transformation specialist) and C Black (who's latest piece, Road Trip, looks so well done and I'm dying to see the next part of the story). Now Femur is getting folks to sign up for these stories, and I'm here to tell you kids - worth every penny and more! Please support them!

Second - a second line of my comic covers are coming out soon on TGCaps under the "Family Tradition" banner. Plus a special shout-out to Jezzi who did the same for me with a VG cover. How sweet, I must return serve. Cheers lxxxoo

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JUST BETWEEN US GIRLS - original fiction by Annie

First and foremost - this is the most graphic family TG piece I've ever done - definitely graphic, and while the images are certainly tame the storyline is raw. Please read at your own risk/satisfaction :)

BTW Tom Hanks - I respect you as an actor but I don't think of you as a dashing leading man. That being said - God I wish I had your wife's body at age 50!! :D

Just Between Us Girls

Images by respective copyright holders

Original caption by Shannon TG

Adapted by Annabelle Raven

Below is the original caption from ShannonTG's Yahoo group
For more please visit her group at

And here is my adaptation :)

When single father Frank and his son Ed won a contest and got to go to Las Vegas, they were ecstatic. When they found out it was a contest to advertise Tiresias Clinics gender-changing services and that they'd have to give a live demonstration at the clinic and then go to Las Vegas as girls, Ed wanted to back out. His father convinced him that he should be more open to new experience, though, and so with some trepidation Ed went along with his father to the clinic.

y got their pictures taken, then had the surgery to change their sexes. With their "after" pictures taken, the new Frannie and Emily dressed in the female garments provided for them, and were on a plane to Vegas by the end of the day.

Emily was worried that her female sex would be a constant embarrassment, but she found that it wasn't so bad as long as she stayed quiet so she didn't have to hear her new high-pitched voice. No, what really embarrassed her was her Dad's new sex.

Frannie was flirting with guys everywhere they went, even flashing her panties at times.

"Mother! Stop that! It's embarrassing," hissed Emily.

"Oh come on Emmy. This might be our only chance to be female. We have to live it up! Oh, and if you see a guy you like, don't let me stop you from going after him. I put some condoms in your purse, so have some fun sweetie."

"Mom! I'm not going to do anything like that! Jesus, I had a dick between my legs just this morning," whined Emily.

"Just between us girls, I plan to have one there tonight," giggled Frannie.

"Oh, god, Mom, I didn't need to know that," whimpered Emily as she buried her face in her hands.

Hours Later

“MOM!! Please don’t do this!”

“Emily, we’ve been over this. I am not going back to being Frank, and you’re too beautiful to ever be Ed. My new lover Victor has treated me like his queen, and FUCKED all of those horrible male issues out of me. I want my baby girl to experience the female orgasm.”

“But I’m... a guy. This isn’t real!”

“Honey, the doctors gave you real breasts, real estrogen, and most importantly, a real pussy! And I’m going to show you what it feels like to have something hard and thick in your velvet slip.”

But… but… mom… is that… a STRAP-ON??”

“Say hello to your first lover, Mr. Happy!”

Five Minutes Later

“So tell me… son… WHO’s YOUR DADDY?”

“Ohhhh… you’re my daddy (moan) MOMMY!”

“That’s a good girl, Emmy.”

The next day, after a trip to the mall, at the beauty salon

“My God… Emily, you look so sexy! Your eyes, lips, neck, and that figure!”

“I don’t know, I’m still self conscious– this top is so revealing… I’m just not ready for this, Mom! Last week, we were father and son, now how can we just lose our penises, grow breasts and long hair, and really be women”

“It’s more than that, dear child. I’m so very happy as a beautiful woman, but I am more delighted to be your mother. We had a rocky relationship as males, always butting heads. Now we can be free to express our emotions and be our selves."

“Wow – I do feel much closer to you than I did. Gosh, I… love you and I feel blessed to be your daughter (sniff). Mommy!”

“I love you too, Emmy… oh dear, your mascara is a mess now. Let’s get you home, cleaned up, and ready for our night out on the town.”

“OK (sniff) – it’s our first double date; I can’t believe I’m going out with a man! I hope John is as sweet and handsome as Victor.”

“Now you’re tearing me up – my girl is growing up in front of me! Hugs!”

“Holy shit… of all the girls I dated as a guy, none of them were as hot as me, and Mom, you’re like 2 million times sexier than any of my dates’ moms!”

“Ha ha, Emily my dear. Perhaps we should pose as sisters?”

“Yea, we’re practically twins… Frannie! Well, your hair is such a pretty shade of auburn. Oh, and I wish I had your big, full breasts!”

“But I love your dark hair, your pretty titties, and honey, every women would kill to have an ass like yours.”

“Mmm… I bet those same jealous bitches would love to be where we are Mom: in Las Vegas, with hot bodies, in GORGEOUS gowns, driving all the sexy, rich men wild!”

"It's nice to hear you finally have an interest in men, especially the handsome and wealthy ones! Victor, as you know, owns the Fortune 500 that Frank used to work for! What sweet irony! Now John is Victor's COO and protege - he's like the son Victor and his ex-wife never had. And both are so yummy..."

"Mom... I'm a little bit scared that because I've only been a girl for so long... I may screw up and I don't want to blow our cover!"

"Just remember what I taught you last night, Emmy. Do all of the little things women do for their lovers. Always smile, laugh at all of his jokes, put your hand on his back, and twirl your hair. Always give him eye contact - especially during a blow job. When you are in his room, accept his tongue in your kisses - rake your nails softly over his chest. And when he's naked and as hard as a rock - beg John to fuck you and fuck you harder - well, that part shouldn't be hard for you, dear."

"Mommy, you made me scream last night! Even though we'll both be begging for cock tonight, I sure hope there is room in your bed for your loving daughter."

"Always my love, you will always be in my heart, and in my bed. I expect a full debrief, and an appearance by Mr. Happy, of course. Now let's go downstairs and find our lovers!"

In the women’s bathroom at the Vellagio Casino

“So Mom, now I understand, ladies use bathrooms visits like coaching sessions.”

“Not necessarily, Emily. But in your case, I just wanted to hear what you were thinking and feeling about your first real date with a man.”

“Wonderful so far. John’s so attentive, and his blue eyes are so hypnotic. I’m looking forward to later tonight (giggle).”

“Wait until you see his manhood, dear. Nine perfect inches!”

“Hmmm, Mother , did you, ummm, 'test drive' my date?"

“I did suck him off that first night; I’m happy you’re not mad at me."

“Heh, maybe I should blow Vic as payback.”

“It’s amazing how far you have come Emmy. You’ll be happy to know that Victor and

John will take us to Vic’s mansion in South Beach next week and we may be doing a lot of cock-sharing.”

“That sounds like sexy wicked fun, Mom. But tonight, my new boyfriend has me to himself!”

“So, my darling, tell me what you think of a woman’s orgasm NOW!”

“Oh my GOD, Mom, it was… it was so… mmm”

“I know, baby, it’s pretty much indescribable joy.”

“Mother, I can’t believe how much I know crave a hot, thick, juicy cock inside of me. Oh, and I LOVE not only the taste of John’s cock, I love how much POWER I hold over him now”

“It’s the same with me and Victor, Emmy. You now OWE me for showing you the slut inside of you.”

“Oooh, how can I repay you, mommy?”

“Why don’t you grab that strap-on and give me the business end, then we’ll shower and get sexy for our boyfriends?”

“Great idea, because I’m just dying to know… WHO’S YOUR DADDY… Frannie?”

“Just shut up and FUCK ME… “son”! Oh yes!”


Franklin Charles Cooper had lived a male life with many pitfalls – living paycheck to paycheck, dealing with a drug addicted ex-wife who ran off and left their only son to his care, and unable to find a nice woman to have a meaningful relationship with.

Edward Wyatt Cooper and his father got along alright, but lacked passion and had extremely low self-confidence.

Frank and Eddie caught no breaks in life. Until their luck changed… and then their bodies… and finally, their attitudes.

Today, Francesca Caroline Cooper Hale (wife of Victor Hale, Chairman of Hale-Manning Corp.) and her daughter Emily Winona Cooper Lindell (wife of HMC’s new president, John Lindell) resides in luxurious Coral Gables, Florida. Frannie and Emily love to shop, get beauty treatments, and make the Miami social scene. They are devoted to their husbands – but their lovers include pool boys, gardeners, local celebrities, and – of course – each other.

But Victor and John never feel shortchanged by their brides, as the girls have a seemingly bottomless pit of sexual energy - even with the announcement of Emmy’s pregnancy.

Frannie can’t wait to be a grandmother; Emmy is just looking forward to finally having big, natural boobs. And both of them can't wait to fawn over the precious little girl - despite what the sonogram says about the baby's gender. You better believe they will enlist Tiresias Clinics to ensure that Hailey Jessica Lindell will want to grow up a cute, hot and horny little girl - just like the slutty MILFs she'll know and love forever as her mommy and grandma!

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Annie's Caps - Going Straight Into Dresses

Richie Ellwood was a grifter and a con man and after 30 years of scamming people out of money (mostly naïve widows – he did see himself as a Lothario) he was getting worried that the Feds would catch up to him and his young son Johnny who had begun to join him in his endeavors.

Johnny was definitely surprised and resistant to Richie’s new play – the boys would shave their bodies, wear prosthetics on their chests and buttocks, grow and style their brown hair long and curly, wear makeup and pose as Rhea and Jodi Woodley, an attractive widow with a lovely college age daughter. Rhea would still be doing the lonely widow… just from the other side of the equation.

Jodi was understandably freaked out from seeing her macho dad become a woman, and then feign interest in attractive men – he knew Richie was no “poof” – and neither was he but then again what hetero guy wears dresses and heels? Still he was amazed at how naturally both of them impersonated women.

Rhea’s “conquest” landed him a state senator who put Rhea and Jodi up in a swank hotel and gave them some credit cards to go build their increasing feminine wardrobe.

“Mom” Jodi asked Rhea as they returned from a day of retail therapy, “Don’t think I’m going gay or something but this guy Marc wanted to take me out for some coffee and a walk in the park. I think it will be good for our cover, don’t you?”

“Great idea, sweetie” replied Rhea, who wanted to do jumping jacks inside. Because Jodi had no idea that her ‘mother’ and Senator Williams were cahoots to have the senator’s aide – a young stud named Marc – woo the pretty young ‘girl.’

And once Jodi succumbed to Marc’s charms – aided by the cocktail of estrogen that she didn’t know she was being administered - then Rhea could finally say goodbye the gifter lifestyle as father and son – and embraced the role of sexy woman, devoted mother and passionate lover.

She would call her Senator boyfriend to come over and celebrate after Marc picked up Jodi for their first date!

Annie's Caps - Nunsense

LARRY: OK guys, as you know, we, the Kowalski brothers, are the defending Best Costume Group winners at the lodge – now how are we (showing photo of the three brothers dressed as nuns) going to top last year?

ALEX: Well, Larry I’ve done a little research. Everyone got a big laugh about how easy it was for brothers to become “sisters.” So I checked on the Internet for a way for us to really to be sisters!

JIMMY: So we should be nuns again? That’s hardly original.

ALEX: Shut up – now both of you just meet me at this salon on 4th Street at 11am on the 31st.

(We zoom ahead in the story to Saturday after Halloween.)

LAURA: I have to give you credit, honey, not only did we win the prize, I feel like we really are women, and that we are truly sisters!

JESSICA: Group hug! I love you guys!

ANNE: Well, I don’t see any guys here, Jess, other than those studs we met at the lodge party. Those gals at the drag makeover salon made us look AND feel like real women. And I don’t mean any nuns – I know we all broke several commandments that night!

LAURA & JESS: Amen, sister! (giggle fest)

Annie's Caps - GIRL TIME - Six Very Happy Clients

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Mallory in the Middle part 1

For fans of classic American sitcoms... you may remember this classic episode of MITM where Lois got her wish... now here's an alternate take on that tale :)

But first, a clip from the original:

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Annie's Caps - Doctor Doctor

Moss & Moss MD PA is a medical practice located in rural Allen County. Dr. Kyra Moss practices internal medicine while her partner Dr. Bridget Moss specializes in pediatrics. They work with a staff of two physician assistants 3 RNs and an office manager all who are known for their outstanding care and friendly attitudes.

The doctors came to Allen County in 2000, a year after undergoing SRS. Formerly brothers Keith and Brent Moss, each decided to change sex and gave up lucrative position at big city hospitals in order to schedule RLT and surgery. The new sisters scouted locations across the state where they felt their medical services would be best utilized and thanks to connections within the state medical association they were able to transfer their accreditations to their new female identities.

Why would two highly intelligent and personable young men want to risk ridicule and disbarment in this way? When Keith was 15 he stumbled upon Brent at age 12 wearing mom’s pantyhose and bra. Keith hugged his brother and told him something shocking – he wanted to be a pretty girl his whole life.

From that moment on they were “sisters” and 22 years later, they blossomed as two gorgeous women who loved being doctors and female!

Now that they are no longer posing as men Kyra and Bridget are now both eager to sample life as single women. Oddly enough Jerry & Ted Kramer are both attorneys and brothers.

Let’s listen in as the gals greet their boyfriends after a long day at the medical center.

Well Dr. Bridget I think our patients would benefit from a little “Jacuzzi therapy.” That and some wine and some cuddling. I’m sure we can help you boys “recuperate” from a long day in court? Do you agree with my “diagnosis” sister dear?

I concur Dr. Kyra! (giggle) Gentlemen, please take off all your clothes while we put our lab coats and stethoscopes away. After we get out of the tub we can retire to our separate bedrooms for some “physical therapy.” Now don’t be shy… oh my… look at the swelling, DOCTOR…

FAMILY CHANGES by Karen Elizabeth L pt 10 - FINAL