Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Relaunched Yahoo groups - FT Archives

I posted this meesage on my Yahoo! groups tonight

Greetings members of FTGC and the Pageant groups!

I, Annabelle Raven (please, call me Annie) have relaunched my highly successful groups with new themes, new URLs, and all of the old materials - with some upgrades! :)

In February, I launched a new age of my collection of generational transgender fiction and fantasy - Family Tradition: TG Caps and Stories at

Since then I have posted about 50 times with many classic and many new captions and content. Much of the new content uses higher definition photos and is also in 16:9 wide screen format. My original plan was to transport my work from Yahoo to Blogspot, but that is quite the moving job LOL. Plus I review some caps either the photos are too fuzzy or there is grammatical - rather - are grammatical errors, and so on.

Therefore I have decided to keep my groups open. They have been renamed Family Tradition - Archive 1 and Archive 2. Their new addresses are:

Much of the original material is under "Legacy" file folders. But I am now adding some content first introduced on the blog, including:

15 new original captions on Archive 1
4 new "Pageant" centerfolds on Archive 2

Note: All of these captions debuted on this blog!

all in 16:9 wide screen!

Soon I hope to add a fully rendered photo story version of the Karen Elizabeth L classic "Family Changes" in 16:9. It will be 120 captions long! If you want to see 1-70, they are on the blog right now. Join us as

Thank you all for years of loyal membership and great feedback. I hope to see you both on Yahoo and the blogisphere! :)

PS: I also hope to see you on Femur's TG Comics forum at

Annabelle Raven

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