Friday, April 10, 2009

Daddy's Girls Are Back (starring Fiona and daughters Lucy, Melissa, and Natasha)

Daddy's Girls Are Back

WARREN - “Fred… I’m stunned. I can’t believe how much you look like my darling Fiona. God I miss her and our girls so much!”

FRED – “Warren, we miss them as well. Now, you know Fiona and I were identical twins. Trust me, this isn’t the first time I dressed as a woman and fooled people. Now I’m so proud of my boys; they all agreed to dress as their beloved cousins, Lucy, Melissa, and Natasha!”

LEO – “Uncle Fred, we were all so sad when they all lost their lives when the plane crashed along with our mommy.”

MITCH – “I didn’t think we’d look as good as Dad when we put on these cute pajamas, but it’s incredible. We all look like real girls.”

NEIL – “We’re all a little older now. Maybe my brothers – or make that SISTERS Iook as cute as our cousins would have been at our age.”

FRED – “All three of you must have inherited your pretty features from Fiona and I. So what do you say, Warren, about our birthday gift – I get to be your loving wife for the next month, and we take our sweet daughters on the vacation of a lifetime. I know the girls are very excited!

WARREN – “My God, is this something all of you are willing to do?

Lucy -“YES Daddy! Please let be us your pretty girls! It’ll be so much fun”

Melissa - “Daddy, I want to be a princess!”

Natasha- “Please, Daddy, it’ll be so much fun!”

Fiona- “Girls , it’s time for us to be good girls and make your father breakfast. Please go set the table. We’ll be down shortly – after I’ve convinced your dad that a trip to the Magic Kingdom with his darling daughters and (wink) loving wife is good for all of us.”

Lucy -“Ooohh, Mommy is going to kiss Daddy!”

Melissa - “I want to kiss a boy too!”

Natasha- “Me too”

Fiona- “My darling husband, I think we may on vacation for quite a while! Get used to having females in the house again!”


By Warren Jameson

“It’s amazing to think back about what my brother-in –law and nephews did for my benefit six years ago. Of course, my beautiful bride is just as gentle, caring and passionate as the twin sister I first fell for fifteen year prior. As good a friend and fishing buddy he was, that pales in comparison to having my sexy Fiona back. And my girls are back, and all four of them have accepted and embraced lives as pretty females."

"Now that they are fully grown young women, I get to play loving and protective daddy to this trio of blossoming womanhood. And God knows, they have a lot of local boys in their thrall. Between raising three teen hotties and loving their gorgeous mother, I’m pretty busy now!"

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