Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Love & Controversy (starring Gabi and mom Beth)

Love & Controversy

Mary Palmer spoke to her granddaughter and daughter , “GabrielleElizabeth – what a joy it has been for me to watch you both flourish in your new feminine roles. I think back to eighteen months ago, when Carla died. Gregg was so very devastated at losing his mother, the woman who helped her child cultivate a secret - the little girl stuck inside a little boy who was overcompensating for his feminine feelings by acting up in school, and being antisocial. And Elvin, working 18 hour shifts as a deputy sheriff, maintaining a tough masculine front, acting like a man’s man to avoid the pain of losing his wife and soul mate.”

“I admit – my methods were controversial, if only because I strongly believed that if Gabi was to be raised as a young lady, that it was important for her to have the strong bond with her mother Beth – even if her mother was in fact, her transformed father, and it took a lot of effort on my part to bring out the woman you should have been. To be the daughter I always wanted. I hope you both can forgive me for accelerating the process with the estrogen pills and hypnotic therapy. I knew down deep, you needed to be women in order to survive.”

“And I’m very pleased with the results. Gabrielle, at age 13, you are just beginning your life as a beautiful young lady. Boys are already daydreaming of seeing you in a summer dress, or your new bikini, and it won’t be long until you’ve had your first crush, first date, first dance, and first kiss.”

“And Elizabeth– well what can I say – from macho police officer to gorgeous secretary – from stern father to loving mother to Gabi – and from hedonistic ladies’ man to romantic, sensuous girlfriend. I can see in your eyes, dear Beth, how you are even now fantasizing about becoming Mrs. Todd Winfield. “

“Enjoy your new lives, my dears. I loved my son and grandson but I absolute adore and cherish my beautiful daughter and granddaughter!”

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