Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Gone Fishin for Fashion (starring Jennifer and mother Deidre)

Dad! You said we had a whole weekend planned where we would get away from work & school, and have a lot fun together while bonding as father and son?

That’s right, Jeff, isn’t deep sea fishing fun? Look at this beauty!

It’s kind of ugly, Dad, and it smells funny too!

Son, I have a confession! APRIL FOOLS! Our real vacation starts when we get back to land, and we check into that special spa up the coast!


“Mom”, you’re so hot; you certainly look AND smell better than that nasty old fish!

You certainly look a lot happier than you did on that boat, “Jenny.” And I think we’re bonding closer than ever, now that you’re my daughter and I’m your mother. Now let’s go look at some more shoes!

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