Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Just Like Mommy (starring Molly and daughters Chelsea and Nicole)


I was born Michael Rooney in 1979. After college, I joined the FBI and became part of their anti-terrorism task force. In 2003, I married Caren, and she gave me two beautiful sons, Christopher (2004) and Nathan (2006).

I gave testimony in court that helped put away for decades a major Al Queida operative. Revenge was swift and horribly cruel. Caren died of an “accidental gas leak explosion” in our dream house – fortunately, the boys were with my parents at the time. To protect them, myself, and my other relatives, the three of us entered Witness Protection.

Our case psychiatrist uncovered a trait in me I never acknowledged publicly – I put my own life in danger doing macho things to mask my own gender dysfunction. I was born male, but had female yearnings. The decision was made.

Months of hormones, surgeries, and training turned Special Agent Mike Rooney in Ms. Molly Raines. I was stunned at their handiwork – I had long hair, arched eyebrows, soft skin, bouncy breasts, a slender waist, long legs, and a cute little butt.

But Dr. Falk had a bigger surprise in store for me. Molly, you are now a mother, and let me introduce you to your daughters – Chelsea and Nicole. We have not changed their bodies, other than letting their hair grow. They knew you were becoming a girl and wanted to be just like Mommy. When they reach puberty, we will help them transition fully.” I cried so many tears that day, and hugged my babies so tight!

Since then, we moved to Arizona, and I lived off the government pension for Mike’s “death”, so I could be a stay-at-home mom. I am now raising two beautiful little girls who will grow up to break lots of boys’ hearts when they become teenage girls.

Of course, now that Greg and I are engaged, I want for nothing. The best clothes, biggest house, and speaking of big…. Oh God, that studly man of mine has made me his sex kitten forever!

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