Friday, April 24, 2009

Annie's Caps - Crissy's Wedding Day

Crissy’s Wedding Day

My name was Kyle Fitzpatrick, and I was always a woman on the inside, but I was in denial. I smoked, drank, gambled, and wasted my life away. I even left a sweet young woman alone to raise the boy I had fathered. I eventually got into some shady business dealings where I took the fall, and went to prison for five years.

While incarcerated, I first experienced the hell of being a violent man’s “bitch” due to my tiny frame, and my Irish red hair/pale skin. All my male ego died behind the penitentiary walls. Fortunately, an unusually kind and empathetic guard named Paul was to be my savior. He got me into solitary where I began a program of sexual reassignment. I became Karen, the woman I always was meant to be. And I moved in with my lover when I got paroled, and our relationship was both love and passion!

Years had passed and I had a knock on the door. A gorgeous brunette asked me if I knew Kyle. Then it struck me – this darling young woman was in fact my long-lost son Connor. He was as astounded as I was that we were father and son – and both very female. Hugs and tears came freely.

Connor – now Crissy – had lost his biological mom years before and was raised in an orphanage, with a similar tale of sexual confusion and abuse by bullies. Crissy didn’t expect to find her dad, but instead, a mother and daughter found each other, filling holes in our hearts.

Fast forward to today – my baby’s wedding day. Crissy will now wear Alex’s ring and taker his name. We talk freely and often about what a woman does for her man, and she is ready to embrace her new life. She is breathtaking in her gown, and I think I’m quite foxy in my “mother of the bride” dress. Paul agrees!

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