Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Annie's Caps - And They Lived....

Penelope: Look at these old pictures, honey; gosh, these albums sure bring back some memories, huh, Dee?

Deanna: Wow, look Mom, there’s little five year old “Dylan” and his ummm, Daddy – and look at their long hair!

Penelope: Oh yeah, look at them! “Perry” let his hair grow like that, and then he let his child’s hair also grow to grow down his back – like a bunch of girls! Remember how everyone called them “sissy boys” and “faggots?”

Deanna: Yea, even people in their own family. That made me very sad, Mom!

Penelope: Me too, angel. Finally, it got to be too much and father and son packed up and left that backwards county and headed West to find new lives in a much more tolerant and progressive place where they could express themselves in whatever way they chose to do so! And, so, parent and child lived…

Deanna: HAPPILY EVER AFTER! Oh Mom, I can’t believe it’s been eleven years since we left that awful place forever!

Penelope: And it’s been ten years since we started transitioning and living as Penny & Dee – and I would say that we made the right move in becoming mother and daughter, don’tcha think, honey?

Deanna: I know that Jerry is very VERY happy that you became a sexy woman… and I know I love having him as a step-daddy!

Penelope: We know he’s no sissy – he’s the man I could never be – and thank God too because I adore being his loving wife! And from the looks you and Ryan gave each other at your last prom, I know that you two will be as good for each other as Jerry and I are.

Deanna: Oh yes he is and I have MY Ryan wrapped around my finger like you do with Dad… I learned from the best – my MOTHER!

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