Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Annie's Caps - And They Lived....

Penelope: Look at these old pictures, honey; gosh, these albums sure bring back some memories, huh, Dee?

Deanna: Wow, look Mom, there’s little five year old “Dylan” and his ummm, Daddy – and look at their long hair!

Penelope: Oh yeah, look at them! “Perry” let his hair grow like that, and then he let his child’s hair also grow to grow down his back – like a bunch of girls! Remember how everyone called them “sissy boys” and “faggots?”

Deanna: Yea, even people in their own family. That made me very sad, Mom!

Penelope: Me too, angel. Finally, it got to be too much and father and son packed up and left that backwards county and headed West to find new lives in a much more tolerant and progressive place where they could express themselves in whatever way they chose to do so! And, so, parent and child lived…

Deanna: HAPPILY EVER AFTER! Oh Mom, I can’t believe it’s been eleven years since we left that awful place forever!

Penelope: And it’s been ten years since we started transitioning and living as Penny & Dee – and I would say that we made the right move in becoming mother and daughter, don’tcha think, honey?

Deanna: I know that Jerry is very VERY happy that you became a sexy woman… and I know I love having him as a step-daddy!

Penelope: We know he’s no sissy – he’s the man I could never be – and thank God too because I adore being his loving wife! And from the looks you and Ryan gave each other at your last prom, I know that you two will be as good for each other as Jerry and I are.

Deanna: Oh yes he is and I have MY Ryan wrapped around my finger like you do with Dad… I learned from the best – my MOTHER!

FAMILY CHANGES by Karen Elizabeth L pt 9

Sunday, April 26, 2009

SALUTE TO: Staci Lana and "Femulate"

Anytime you make a new discovery about a subject you love, it's just so thrilling. That's the way I feel about Femulate, a wonderfully crafted showcase produced by Staci Lana who has a gift for turning vintage B&W photos in some delightful single page caps. Of course, what do I adore the most of her work? Take a looksee (as always, credit to this wonderful artist) Please visit this blog today!

TGT Network: The Tranny Bunch

Here’s the story of three lovely sisters, busy raising sweet girls on their own,

Three redheads,

Three sweet blondies,

And three with lush brown curls..

But the story behind these lovely ladies,

Is that they used to be normal guys,

But then they signed up to be on TV

And to win a million dollar prize!

They got hormones and plastic surgery

Pretty dresses and new hairdos

The older sisters got asked to the prom

The mommies got boyfriends too!

And that’s the way they became the…

The Tranny Bunch

TGT Network’s newest and most ambitious reality show has the most astonishing agenda…. What if three adult men, each with two boys – one a teenager, one just entering elementary school – were willing to let our producers transform them in mother and daughters – and then place them all in one iconic house (see below – the Southern California locale where one of the greatest sitcoms ever was filmed) under the premise that three sexy adult sisters were jointly raising three teenage hotties and three precocious little girls? That’s the story of THE TRANNY BUNCH. But that’s not the biggest surprise of the all. You see… not only are fathers now mothers, sons are now daughters, and brothers are now sisters, but these cousins were already cousins! The talent scouts that combed the USA looking for three sets of All-American families with dads and sons of slight build, but the never dread that in the small town of Wilde, Oklahoma, that the three adult males who would become “sisters” were all in one place – and they were already brothers!

Neal, Mark and Chuck Parker also had a long-buried secret that helped make the perfect choice for the show – they won a county fair talent shows posing as the Dixie Chicks and lip-synching “Cowboy Take Me Away” Also, the three brothers had been working at the local auto plant which was going through another round of layoffs. So after working out arrangements with their wives and the rest of the family, and after convincing the boys that it was temporary (and bribing the boys with promises of video games and wrestling tickets) , the nine of them flew to California for the necessary hair extensions, padded bras and girdles, and even a little shot of estrogen – totally reversible they were assured. The trios got matching hair – 3 blondes, 3 brunettes, and 3 redheads!

Now immersed completely in feminine identity, they have been grouped by age. The three youngest cousins – Brandi, Josie, and Eliza, share the girliest of the bedrooms, adorned with pictures of unicorns and the Jonas Brothers – and BTW, they’ll be showcased going to a Jonas show and screaming for Nick. The teens (Debbie, Alyson & Renee) shared another bedroom; they have Twilight on their walls, and each girl has a task of going steady with a football player by Week 6. As far as their moms/aunts Nora, Marie, & Cathy, they do have their own private bedrooms – but they also start the show with BOYFRIENDS, and in week 2, you’ll see which of the Parker sisters' beaus stays the night… and the reactions of that woman’s daughters and nieces!

Must see TV indeed!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Annie's Caps - Crissy's Wedding Day

Crissy’s Wedding Day

My name was Kyle Fitzpatrick, and I was always a woman on the inside, but I was in denial. I smoked, drank, gambled, and wasted my life away. I even left a sweet young woman alone to raise the boy I had fathered. I eventually got into some shady business dealings where I took the fall, and went to prison for five years.

While incarcerated, I first experienced the hell of being a violent man’s “bitch” due to my tiny frame, and my Irish red hair/pale skin. All my male ego died behind the penitentiary walls. Fortunately, an unusually kind and empathetic guard named Paul was to be my savior. He got me into solitary where I began a program of sexual reassignment. I became Karen, the woman I always was meant to be. And I moved in with my lover when I got paroled, and our relationship was both love and passion!

Years had passed and I had a knock on the door. A gorgeous brunette asked me if I knew Kyle. Then it struck me – this darling young woman was in fact my long-lost son Connor. He was as astounded as I was that we were father and son – and both very female. Hugs and tears came freely.

Connor – now Crissy – had lost his biological mom years before and was raised in an orphanage, with a similar tale of sexual confusion and abuse by bullies. Crissy didn’t expect to find her dad, but instead, a mother and daughter found each other, filling holes in our hearts.

Fast forward to today – my baby’s wedding day. Crissy will now wear Alex’s ring and taker his name. We talk freely and often about what a woman does for her man, and she is ready to embrace her new life. She is breathtaking in her gown, and I think I’m quite foxy in my “mother of the bride” dress. Paul agrees!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Family Tradition Costume Party - Final Results

THANK YOU FOR VOTING and congrats to our winners!

Our first interactive blog - well technically you can reply to any of my posts ;) - but please vote above and pick this year's winner!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Relaunched Yahoo groups - FT Archives

I posted this meesage on my Yahoo! groups tonight

Greetings members of FTGC and the Pageant groups!

I, Annabelle Raven (please, call me Annie) have relaunched my highly successful groups with new themes, new URLs, and all of the old materials - with some upgrades! :)

In February, I launched a new age of my collection of generational transgender fiction and fantasy - Family Tradition: TG Caps and Stories at http://ft-tg.blogspot.com

Since then I have posted about 50 times with many classic and many new captions and content. Much of the new content uses higher definition photos and is also in 16:9 wide screen format. My original plan was to transport my work from Yahoo to Blogspot, but that is quite the moving job LOL. Plus I review some caps either the photos are too fuzzy or there is grammatical - rather - are grammatical errors, and so on.

Therefore I have decided to keep my groups open. They have been renamed Family Tradition - Archive 1 and Archive 2. Their new addresses are:



Much of the original material is under "Legacy" file folders. But I am now adding some content first introduced on the blog, including:

15 new original captions on Archive 1
4 new "Pageant" centerfolds on Archive 2

Note: All of these captions debuted on this blog!

all in 16:9 wide screen!

Soon I hope to add a fully rendered photo story version of the Karen Elizabeth L classic "Family Changes" in 16:9. It will be 120 captions long! If you want to see 1-70, they are on the blog right now. Join us as


Thank you all for years of loyal membership and great feedback. I hope to see you both on Yahoo and the blogisphere! :)

PS: I also hope to see you on Femur's TG Comics forum at http://www.tgcomics.com

Annabelle Raven