Monday, March 30, 2009

E-Book Reviews: TV Novels with "Family Appeal"

In addition to being a connoisseur of captions and fiction sites across the Interwebs, I have also plunked some cash on some of the PDF file versions of TG books. Here are two stories I recommend because each contains characters which fit the criteria of this little blog: NOTE: All images posted are the rights of the copyright holders and those who rightfully are selling their wares. Consider this free advertising from a satisfied customer :)


TITILLATING TV TALES #1. Along with his pants, a young man loses his masculinity.


TITILLATING TV TALES #2. Father and son share a fate in panties and lingerie.


TITILLATING TV TALES #3. The guys find out there's more to femininity than dresses and heels!

According to the website, this series was been the most expensive to produce with drawings by Puyal on nearly every page. A collaboration of some great writers that took years to finish!

Note: "Dad" appears on the cover of chapters 1 and 3 (in 3, he's the pursuee) Dad's son is shown with his biological mom going shopping. IMHO, a well told story and the drawings are awesome!

And may I say, it's great to see Sandy Thomas fiction available for downloads. Check out their entire store!

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