Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Winslow Women (starring Megan, Tara, and Julia)

Jay Winslow cackled, “Martin, my son, you fit into this gown like you were poured into it.”

Marty’s younger brother Tim chirped in, “Dad, he’s got even bigger boobies than you.”

The older brother puffed out his chest in pride. “Don’t worry, squirt, you got a few years, your body will fill in quite nicely.”

“We all turned out nicely. Very nicely. I don’t know what those chemicals were that were buried in our backyard, but we changed genders and now… it’s like we were never male. Luckily the settlement gave us all the cash we needed to build wardrobes, get counseling, and move to a better life,” mused the newly minted Julia Winslow, single mother and slinky blonde.

Something caught the busty teen redhead’s eye. “Hey, sis,” Megan Winslow (19) said in a soft voice, “We may not have been girls for long, but tell me… have you noticed how YUMMY these guys in their tuxedos look? God, they look so HOT!”

Tara Winslow (16), the sultry and petite teen brunette nodded lustily. “Oh yeah! I’d rather see them OUT of their tuxes! And me on their lap!”

“Me too!”


Julia (41) smiled wickedly. “Hey… I guess my hormones are as hard at work as you girls are. And now that our desires match our equipment, it think it’s time we all went out and figured out what kind of men can handle a Winslow woman.”

By the end of that summer – each new Winslow woman had become quite proficient in the art of seduction.

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