Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Love the One You're With (Sherri and mom Wendy)

I was Will, age 41, and I had sowed the last of my wild oats before I became a father to Shane. Now the kid had good taste in music like his old man – I was into the Dead and Allmans while Shane dug Ween, Phish, and MMJ. But I didn’t want to see him become a pothead or junkie like his other friends.

He wanted to go to Bonnaroo this summer and I said fine on one condition: we’re going together! “But Mommy, I don’t need a babysitter, “ he sarcastically whined.

Tough shit, I said. We’d have a great time and bond over some great music and maybe make some new friends.

We get there and the first night, Shane wanders into a rave tent. I panic, thinking he’ll take some ecstasy or speed. Just as I see him being handed a pill by a really hot girl, I grab his hand.

“You want to see what this shit will do?” I tell him, and (God knows why) I swallow the pill.
Everything's a little cloudy after that, but I felt very calm and serene and I must have gone to sleep.

Hours (?) later, I came to, with a gorgeous young redhead with her head resting… on my breasts?? The girl… it was Shane! Did the pill do this to me… to both of us? I guess we both took the same pill.

She whispered, “I guess my mom is here with me.” We both couldn’t help but giggle.

Now we’re Sherri and Wendy, and we had a blast for the rest of the festivals. The music was awesome, we danced for days. We also found something more addictive than drugs: MEN!! We’re now on the road, looking for the next festival, and I’m bonding with my daughter over great music and great sex!

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