Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Kane Kuties (Cheri and daughters Jodi and Stacy


CHERI KANE (45): Girls , I have to admit – as stunning as you both look in your prom gowns – I think I may be the loveliest chaperone in the history of Sunflower High.

JODI KANE (18): Now Mommy dearest, don’t be stealing our boyfriends. (giggle)

STACY KANE (17): Yea, let us take care of them (winks at her sister) and you concentrate on landing Mr. Pearson as our new step-daddy!

CHERI: Oh I am so looking forward to this. It’s my first prom ever – at least, my first one since I came out as a woman three years ago!

JODI: Did you go to your senior prom when you were still our soon-to-be father?

CHERI: Yes, and Chuck and your biological mom, Renee – God rest her soul – both lost their virginity that night. Of course, last year I met Ron Pearson and mmmm… can’t wait for tonight…

STACY: Ooooo… sounds like you two have plans tonight...

CHERI: Well.. let’s be honest my dears. We all were miserable as males. And now, thanks to therapy and surgery, we are all now blonde bombshells with new feminine passions blazing inside our souls. Neither of you is hiding your plans to seduce your dates tonight, and neither will I.

JODI: Some chaperone you’re turning out to be!

STACY: I know, sis. But she’s our mom now and we now have a family tradition to follow. Josh, Steve and Dad are gone – and the Kane Kuties are here to make our boys feel soooo good!!

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