Sunday, March 22, 2009

Forty Years of Love (starring Gwen and daughtes Naomi & Josie)

Gwendolyn Foxglove and her daughters did have their dreams come true.

But on this day, that’s of little comfort.

When young George Foxglove’s wife and mother of their sons Nicholas and James, penniless and in disarray, a rare tome that George was researching at Oxford seemed to call out the emotionally fragile father. After putting his little angels to bed, George became so engrossed with the ancient tome that he fell asleep at his desk.

He awoke to little girls’ voices: “Mommy, mommy!”

Somehow he knew that upon awakening, she was now Gwen, the mother of these sweet girls. After putting her new feminine bathrobe, Gwen made breakfast for the three of them, and they had a little chat. The former sons acknowledged that they sort of knew of their male past, but they felt a joy of being sisters that was indescribable. The new Naomi and Jocelyn were not put off by their unexpected new identities, or that of their dad.

As Gwen listened , she felt a peace that being their mother was the fulfillment of George’s heart as well. They all agreed to keep the secret to themselves, and to start their lives a new as a young mother with two darling daughters. How true the next four decades were for the trio.

As Gwen accepted her feminine fate, she bonded with her sister, who introduced her to Patrick, the man who become her soul mate and the girls’ loving stepfather. Pat and Gwen formed their own company, which was wildly profitable. Both Naomi and Josie grew to become very beautiful, smart, and successful women in their own right, with loving husbands and darling children of their own. Gwen certainly enjoying spoiling her grandchildren.

But as said before, today, Gwen’s fantasy has a given a sharp dose of reality. At age 45, her oldest, beloved Naomi, lost her life in a tragic accident. Now both Gwen and Josie much lean on each other, and their entire family, to keep the spirit of Naomi’s love burning in their hearts.

RIP Natasha Richardson – A.R.

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