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E-Book Reviews: TV Novels with "Family Appeal"

In addition to being a connoisseur of captions and fiction sites across the Interwebs, I have also plunked some cash on some of the PDF file versions of TG books. Here are two stories I recommend because each contains characters which fit the criteria of this little blog: NOTE: All images posted are the rights of the copyright holders and those who rightfully are selling their wares. Consider this free advertising from a satisfied customer :)


TITILLATING TV TALES #1. Along with his pants, a young man loses his masculinity.


TITILLATING TV TALES #2. Father and son share a fate in panties and lingerie.


TITILLATING TV TALES #3. The guys find out there's more to femininity than dresses and heels!

According to the website, this series was been the most expensive to produce with drawings by Puyal on nearly every page. A collaboration of some great writers that took years to finish!

Note: "Dad" appears on the cover of chapters 1 and 3 (in 3, he's the pursuee) Dad's son is shown with his biological mom going shopping. IMHO, a well told story and the drawings are awesome!

And may I say, it's great to see Sandy Thomas fiction available for downloads. Check out their entire store!

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3G: GIRL TIME Family Retreats

Marriage Minded (starring Joyce and daughters Keisha & Eva)

Marriage Minded

Keisha: (Giggling), Girl, you tripping, get a hold of yourself!

Joyce: Young ladies, do you mind letting me in on your joke? It’s not nice to be making fun of your mother when she’s still wet behind the ears.

Eva: Mama, we’re sorry, but seriously, Kei and I were watching you flirt with that fine man; we were betting how big of a ring he was going to buy for you.

Keisha: I think he wanted to give Mama something else that was also big, like…

Joyce: Keisha Hamilton! I thought I had teenage daughters now, but you sound like the young boys you USED to be. Grow up, both of you!

Eve: Oh, Mama it’s still too weird you know… I mean, we were male, all three of us, I mean, you were our father… it’s just seems wrong…

Joyce: What was wrong was that when I was your dad, I was never home, and both of you suffered from having no steady role model. Charlene, your birth mother, God rest her soul – knew what she was doing when she hired that Sister Corinne to cast a voodoo spell on us after she fell ill. I mean – we were falling apart, as so many families do. This kept us together, and yes, we all resisted our new bodies and cried to get back our male identities of Joel, Kendall, and Erick. But as mother and daughters, we have never EVER been closer – and now I see my baby girls looking so beautiful – still in school, with really nice boyfriends. And since you got your good looks from me – (grins) you think I’m going to sit on the sideline when there’s a man out here for me to catch?

Eve: Mama, you’re right, and I’m so happy to be a girl – and to have a mom again who I love and cherish, and a baby sister who’s crazy but precious and so lovable.

Keisha: Evie, Mama, stop it. You’re gonna make me cry and ruin my mascara. OK group hug – and lets all work together to find our sexy mama a handsome brother – only marriage material, of course!! :)

Joyce: Reggie, darling, I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am that you not only accept me as a woman, but my daughters as well. Since we’ve known each other since school, you have already proven to be my best friend – you were there for me and the boys when Char died. And of course, you know that Char and the voodoo priestess made it so that almost everyone forgot about Joel, Kendall & Erick. Except you of course. You were made aware by her spell. I always wondered why you never settled down and found a girl – but now I’m so delighted to have you as my best friend, lover, and soul mate.

Of course, I’ll marry you. I love you so much. I will be the happiest woman in the world, and your daughters will be so delighted as well. They are dreaming of the day they walk down that aisle, with you escorting them. Of course, now that I’m their mother, I’m preparing them to be loving women who take care of their man’s needs. Just like I am going to do for the rest of my life!

Baby – I need you to make love to me. Fuck your woman, REGGIE! Make me scream…. My body cries out for you. I’m totally your woman now and forever! I know that I was your hoops playing and drinking buddy – but right now I ain’t nothin’ but your sweet n’ sexy girl. I need you to cum in side of my body, wrap my arms and legs around you! I LOVE YOU ! Ohhhhhhh!

FAMILY CHANGES by Karen Elizabeth L pt 7

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Forty Years of Love (starring Gwen and daughtes Naomi & Josie)

Gwendolyn Foxglove and her daughters did have their dreams come true.

But on this day, that’s of little comfort.

When young George Foxglove’s wife and mother of their sons Nicholas and James, penniless and in disarray, a rare tome that George was researching at Oxford seemed to call out the emotionally fragile father. After putting his little angels to bed, George became so engrossed with the ancient tome that he fell asleep at his desk.

He awoke to little girls’ voices: “Mommy, mommy!”

Somehow he knew that upon awakening, she was now Gwen, the mother of these sweet girls. After putting her new feminine bathrobe, Gwen made breakfast for the three of them, and they had a little chat. The former sons acknowledged that they sort of knew of their male past, but they felt a joy of being sisters that was indescribable. The new Naomi and Jocelyn were not put off by their unexpected new identities, or that of their dad.

As Gwen listened , she felt a peace that being their mother was the fulfillment of George’s heart as well. They all agreed to keep the secret to themselves, and to start their lives a new as a young mother with two darling daughters. How true the next four decades were for the trio.

As Gwen accepted her feminine fate, she bonded with her sister, who introduced her to Patrick, the man who become her soul mate and the girls’ loving stepfather. Pat and Gwen formed their own company, which was wildly profitable. Both Naomi and Josie grew to become very beautiful, smart, and successful women in their own right, with loving husbands and darling children of their own. Gwen certainly enjoying spoiling her grandchildren.

But as said before, today, Gwen’s fantasy has a given a sharp dose of reality. At age 45, her oldest, beloved Naomi, lost her life in a tragic accident. Now both Gwen and Josie much lean on each other, and their entire family, to keep the spirit of Naomi’s love burning in their hearts.

RIP Natasha Richardson – A.R.

SALUTE TO: The caps of Lorna Samuels

Another great artist who is also on TG Comics/TG Cps, but she's had her own Y!In fact, we had links to each others' groups :)

RAVEN FILMS: Like Mother Like Daughter (Beverly and daughter Tara)

The following preview is rated FT-TG ;)

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Coming to FT-TG: The Pageant

SALUTE TO: Vaingirls by Jezzi Stewart

Much thanks and hugs to Jezzi, a prolific contributor to the TG Comics Forum who's "Vaingirls" series is 500 + issues strong. The Golden Age of Comics never glimmered so much. :)

And of course, here are some of my faves - F/T style, of course....

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The Kane Kuties (Cheri and daughters Jodi and Stacy


CHERI KANE (45): Girls , I have to admit – as stunning as you both look in your prom gowns – I think I may be the loveliest chaperone in the history of Sunflower High.

JODI KANE (18): Now Mommy dearest, don’t be stealing our boyfriends. (giggle)

STACY KANE (17): Yea, let us take care of them (winks at her sister) and you concentrate on landing Mr. Pearson as our new step-daddy!

CHERI: Oh I am so looking forward to this. It’s my first prom ever – at least, my first one since I came out as a woman three years ago!

JODI: Did you go to your senior prom when you were still our soon-to-be father?

CHERI: Yes, and Chuck and your biological mom, Renee – God rest her soul – both lost their virginity that night. Of course, last year I met Ron Pearson and mmmm… can’t wait for tonight…

STACY: Ooooo… sounds like you two have plans tonight...

CHERI: Well.. let’s be honest my dears. We all were miserable as males. And now, thanks to therapy and surgery, we are all now blonde bombshells with new feminine passions blazing inside our souls. Neither of you is hiding your plans to seduce your dates tonight, and neither will I.

JODI: Some chaperone you’re turning out to be!

STACY: I know, sis. But she’s our mom now and we now have a family tradition to follow. Josh, Steve and Dad are gone – and the Kane Kuties are here to make our boys feel soooo good!!

HOUSE OF GIRLS - my modified comic covers

If you have come over to this blog from TG Comics forum, welcome ! (hugs!)

Now - the missing first two issues

and the newest...

FAMILY CHANGES by Karen Elizabeth L pt 6

Some of my favorites pictures are in these part of the story :)

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