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Welcome message from Annabelle and mission statement

Greetings and welcome to
Family Tradition: TG Stories & Caps
(aka FT-TG)

For the past few years, I have maintained two Yahoo groups (at one time, I had four) devoted to the kind of transgender fiction I liked best - where you had a man don a dress or grow breasts or get married to some hunky dude, and he - now she of course - got to share their transformation experience with another male family member.
A popular option was a father and son who femmed up - and voila, brand new mother and daughter (or sometimes aunt and niece, as the boy's mother was still the girl's mother - I'm sure you were able to keep track). Two brothers could end up as two sisters. Of course, the more brothers or sons one had, the more sisters and daughters you'd come up with. On some rare occasions, you'd have an entire extended family - perhaps Grandpa had worn panties during D-Day and danced the can can in Paris after it was liberated. :)

I soon found that in this world of various propietors of TG captions and fiction that some did the whole family/dynamic better than others:

- Karen Elizabeth L. is a very popular author with about 15+ years of material online - you can still find things she uploaded to Usenet. Her works vary from the of-so-cute and romantic to the romantic-steamy semi-graphic. Not all of her stuff includes multiple family members, but a lot does, from the you-can't-find-it-on-Storysite-or-FM-or-BC "Daddy's Girl" and "Just Like Dad", to the more accesible works like "Diane" and "Making Do". The key element that draws me in Karen's family fiction is that not only do father and son learn about the joys and pratfalls of femininity - they also develop that emotional mother/daughter bond. I have yet to be disappointed by any of her stories.

- Before her webpage went silent, Emily Ross wrote a lot of sweet and seductive sissy fiction - just regular guys (or blokes, as they would say in her homeland of England) became pretty girly girls. More than once, she wrote about petticoated lads and their femmed fathers.

- Pretty Sissy Dani (aka Danielle O'Neill) had a site with a lot of hypno-forced femme stories, many based on a fictional town called Stepton (of course, inspired by Stepford Wives). There are at least two Stepton stories that involved the feminizing of a man and his son by the fabulous bitcheds in their lives. Happy to report that Dani is back on the scene with much of her classic library and new content available on the enTRANSed blog!

- If Emily was cutesy and Dani was enthralling, than
Gingerfred Man
was down right graphically HOT. If you think that sissy boi's and the men who RAVAGE them are the sexiest creatures on earth, than you are either GFMan or one of his loyal readers. And on stories like "Tradition" and the very recent "Generations", I suggest you keep a towel near your PC - to clean up your mess. Hehehe. PS: If G-Fred is watching, I sure hope that you do continue the "Kevin and Molly" series, and that Kevin/Molly's father, who was a boy/girl camper in his/her day, still enjoys the dual lifestyle.

- On the caption side, there have been a number of terrific captioneers who have made generational femininity a big part of their work. Becky doesn't necessarily specialize in it, but across her tweleve Yahoo! groups of captions, she has done a great number of "brothers/sisters" stories, and a handful of F&S>M&D, like this one:

Becky has a devoted following and even when she's graphic, it's almost always romantic and sweet. And her models are gorgeous girls - wonder how many of them are GG?

- JenDerBender is a cap legend; her stories and images are sometimes shocking, always entertaining. She has done a lot of family caps, although 95% of them also include either a generation and/or ethnic switch. I will say that I personally prefer that dad becomes the mom, instead of the 4 year old or the Geisha girl, but that's just me. Still, JDB rocks my world!

- Lorna Samuels has both written fiction and caps to her credit. Some of her caps, especially themed work like Gender Wave and Bikini Beach, include caps with family conversions - "Dad, I mean mom, we used to watch sports together, now we both are in bikinis" Lorna does both photo based caps and recaptioning erotic cartoons on TG Caps, part of the Femur's TG Comics network.

- A recent new favorite of mine is the "Vaingirls" series of caps that Jezzi Belle Stewart created a universe for, where slacker dudes, bad boyfriends, and innocent bystanders alike get the makeover of our dreams in the salon of the same name. To get a handle on the kind of transformations possible, check out her text story "Father's Day" where dad already cross-dresses and and his three sons try to beat him at his/her own game. Jezzi now has brought the VG franchise to the forums of TG Comics, with up to 480 modified comic covers, of which there are about 20-25 cute ones with dads as moms raising boys as girls. Her prodiction quality is superb and her ability to crank out five covers a week is appreciated!

So while I had seen plenty of awesome material on places like Y Groups,
Storysite, Big Closet, and Fictionmania (and a BIG hug o'thanks to the FM task force, I know you're getting a lot of crap about it nowadays, but thank you for years of enjoyment and I look forward to your glorioius resurrection), I always wished that I could see more of the family stories and caps. I also began experimenting with MS Power Point about making captions, and then one day I took KEL's "Leigh Ann: Sentenced To Life" and made a graphic novel by adding photos collected from across the web. I "cast" Laura Dern as the father turned mother, and Britney Spears (pre-cocaine psychosis) as Leigh Ann, the boy who suddenly looked like well, Britney! I thought there was a family resemblence....

britney BTW, I'm goiing to "re-cast" this this soon with Kristin Chenowith and Ashley Tisdale ;) Britney is not as atrractive to me due to her self-destructive ways - and I'm sorry Laura, you're hot, but Ms. Chenowith has the kind of boobies that we all enjoy so much. LOL About three years ago, I created Family TG Captions on Y! Groups, and uploaded a lot of my interpetations of classic TG fiction that dealt with the angle I loved so much. I decided that the great # of celebrity photos (especially hot photo shoots for magazines and red carpet gown pix) would bring these characters to life. After a while, I tried my hand at some creativity - first in some simple caps with some Hollywood pix -and a quick story, like so...
I also took some chances with some real storylines. Entertainment Weekly showed Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman, and Keira Knightley looking refined, sexy, and mysterious at the Oscars... so I thought I should cast them in a curious story called "Love Is Grand"

PS: Meryl Streep is a GMILF ;)

Well, I even went so far as to upload a text with images version of LiG to Fictionmania and even
Big Closet! I added a few more stories before reducing my output severly bout a year ago due to a busier life outside the TG realm, and the fact that while I love BC, most of the authors there are much more serious about their craft, and I'm more into the lighter, fluffier kind of TG "art".

Then I began, and have not finished a highly ambitious project called
"The Pageant". Think of it as the ultimate Family TG storyline. 16 father/son combos from across the globe genetically converted to mother/daughters, with a tycoon and his son (also transformed) paying for the whole thing. Also "cast" with the lovliest women from the silver screen, TV, movies and SI swimsuit issues. I got through three chapters and some filler, but have been unable to get past the intro of four key families.

My creative block with The Pageant enlighted me to some basic issues I had ignored before that were hard to now:

1. It's very hard to compose a story about ordinary men becoming women by making them all starlets or sex goddesses. Especially the teens or even in some cases, pre-teens.

2. With upgrades in computer equipment, some of my older creations used very LQ images that were dark or faded and often blurry. And there's a limit on HQ imagesd for uploading and how well they will turn out.

3. I wasn't the best at putting an older and younger women together and expecting them to resemble each other. Sometimes got lucky, sometimes didn't.

Also, Yahoo expanded their storge space, but the use of groups was falling, and many artists were turning to Blogger or other blogs to post their work. One of my pet peeves with Y! is that I felt I had to verify age on profiles before allowing access.

So with all that in mind, I launch FT-TG here for the following reasons:

1. The responsibility of age verificiation will no longer be on me! I set the setting to adult, and I sure hope you really are one - be honest folks. :)

2. I am going to redo much of my work with an eye to sharper graphic details and all of my new caps and graphic stories will now be in 16:9 widescreen.

3. This blog will eventually replace the Y! groups but not for a while.

Finally, I'm hoping for lots of feedback from you which has come sparingly on Y! Please feed my ego :p

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