Saturday, February 21, 2009

MADAME JAE'S PRESENTS Girls Night Out (starring Katie, Christine, and Zoe)



Kevin was happy, but dumbfounded.

Never in a million years did he expect that as a gift for his 20th birthday, that not only would his single dad Chuck and 18 year old brother Zack send him to Madame Jae’s Crossdresser Makeovers Salon, but they would also submit themselves to shaving their legs, tightening the corset and wearing the wigs – the men of the family are having a girls night out!

You’d think that young Katie, free to be her femme self this night, would be ecstatic. And she’s being a trooper, trying not let her anxiety show. But she can’t reconcile the fact that her “baby sister” Zoe is a sexy teen babe, and her “mother” Christine is a redheaded MILF.

“This is a very cruel joke,” Katie fumed as the leggy trio left the salon to visit the near

T-girl themed club. “I’ve always felt inferior to my dad and little brother, as guys, they’re more athletic and sharper dressers and much more confident than me! Now they’re making a mockery of my true desire to be a cute girl! They’re ten times hotter than me!”

But Katie started feeling better when the guy she danced with at the club asked for her number. He was very cute… and wow, what a kisser! Turns out, Zoe and Christine had some similar experiences with male admirers!

It looks like girls night out will be regularly scheduled from here on out… Of course, as the family continues to dress up more and more, they may want to ditch their male lives altogether. Especially if Mom decides to accept the ring her doctor boyfriend gave her – her daughters hope so!

Northrop family patriarch Charles (Chuck) was running his investment company while being a devoted dad to his sons Kevin (who just turned 18) and Zack (17) after his wife and their mother perished in a auto accident a decade before. Kevin had been especially close to Joanne, and as a closet TV, and had been encouraged by his mom to develop his feminine self.

After the previously described night at Madame Jae’s , and the emergence of “Katie” and the creation of the personas of “Christine” and “Zoe,” the family of three sports and outdoors-loving guys did a complete 180. The new mother and daughters grew that much closer in femme garb and attitudes. That and the men. All three formerly straight men were suddenly very interested in flirting with, being chased by – and eventually caught by handsome and virile suitors.

Christine herself finally broke down and gave herself to her lover, Dr. Peter Reynolds, after he proposed on his yacht. Her Until recently, all of her curves were results of tricks she and the girls learned at Madame Jae’s but now estrogen treatments have given them all bouncy breasts, full rear ends, and lustful dreams about their men’s body parts. Christine also arranged for a surgeon to remove Adam’s Apples and other reminders of the past.

Tonight, Christine Reynolds and her daughters are going to dinner with their new husband/stepdad, and the new boyfriends they landed in college. Katie’s beau, Gary, could be senator by age 32, and Zoe’s Alex is a sought after college quarterback with Hollywood good looks. And it’s a good thing that Christine cashed in from the stock market to become a trophy wife before the economy tanked. Luckily she and her girls know how to get anything they want from their men – any time they feel the “urge.”

Katie: Mom, sis… I’m sorry I was so jealous that you both looked so beautiful after your transformations. I am so happy we’re going to be a family of girls forever! What a family of sexy babes we all turned out to be!

Zoe: Girl, don’t worry about it. My gosh, we have you to thank for turning us on to dresses, makeup, and heels… and everything! Especially MEN! It’s so incredible to have this female power over guys - to see the LUST in their eyes!

Christine: Sweetie, you said it. I mean, I thought it was unusual for a boy to dream about being a lovely princess. Now look at us! I’m went from being a stock advisor to being a doctor’s wife and you both went from high school jocks to sexy co-eds. We used to play football with the guys, now we tackle our men whenever we get “in the mood”! I love being a woman and being your mom! Now let’s go properly thank your stepdad and boyfriends for seducing the 3 of us!

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