Monday, February 16, 2009

Five Generations (starring Rosalie, Frieda, Jean, Beverly - and Nancy and Donna

Rosie – married June 13, 1956


Bev, Frieda and Jean

From Grandma Beverly’s journal: I knew there was something funny about my father, in fact, all of the men in my family. But one pleasant June day, my dad Roy, uncle Fred, and grandpa Joe tricked me into driving with them to the next state where they checked into a strange boarding house with tons of beautiful bridal wear.

After a nap, I was awoken by a familiar voice with a pretty new face. My new “Aunt Frieda” was a sissy! And in the next room, my “Nana” Jean was applying makeup to a lovely bride. Except the bride was my mommy Rosalie.

“Ben,” my was-Dad said in a woman’s voice, “you will look so cute as our flower girl!”

I wanted to hate being all dolled up, but the feel of the panties and clothes was just too addictive. I was a sissy, in the grand family tradition. It would be my destiny, one day, to be another man’s bride, just like my mommy, and soon my auntie & even my pretty grandmother.

While helping her into her wedding gown, Nancy Gordon asked her daughter Donna if she had read her grandma’s diary entry about her experience as a flower girl with her “mom”, “aunt”, and “grandma.”

“I did, Mom, and it made me cry. It was so beautiful. I just can’t believe that Bev went back to being Ben.”

“I know, but times were different then, and Ben married my biological mother, and raised me as Neil. Then I raised you alone, David, after your birth mom died. Dad and I had grown apart, then he called us to come to him when he was diagnosed with cancer.”

“I thought he was crazy to ask us to live a summer in his beach villa as females. But it was the summer that changed our lives for the better.”

“As males, we were emotional wrecks, unable to support each other, much less live stable lives. As mother and daughter, we are so in tune with each other…”

“Not only that Mom, we’re beautiful women with handsome lovers. Reggie is devoted to you, and my Shaun is marrying me today. God I love that man!”

“Mmmmmm, I thinking about what your honeymoon may be like this morning, after Reggie and I had a wonderful night together. (giggle) And soon, you will carry on the family tradition by adopting a child too pretty to be a boy. You’re going to love being a wife AND a mother, Donna. Trust me!”

“Mom, I have to thank Bev, Rosie, Frieda, and Jean… and you… for creating and maintaining this family tradition. You all showed me the power of family AND femininity – and I will share that with my future daughters and granddaughters!”

Nancy married June 13, 2006

Donna married June 13, 2008

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