Thursday, September 18, 2014

Simon Left… now, Sharon’s Back! (and Emma's not far "behind")

Simon Left…  
now, Sharon’s Back!
“My dad was Simon Warner.  He was a pretty cool dad, but he seemed conflicted.  I asked him one day what was bothering him, and he said, “Emma, sweetie… how do I say this… I.. I NEED to be a woman.  It’s something I felt inside since I was your age.  I love being your dad, but it’s my dream to be a mother.  And a wife.  I want to change my body to match my spirit.  I want to be on the arm of a handsome man, either in a dress, some sexy lingerie, a tiny bikini… or just a smile (giggle).”

“Well, you should be who you need to me.  I think you’d make a great mom!  What would your girl name be?”

“I’m going to be Sharon.  Thank you, love your support.”

“So Simon left, so to speak, and Sharon arrived.  She is an amazing mom, and a pretty sexy lady, as you can see by this picture.  Men just stare at her round booty.  As I grow older, I hope my butt gets as big and curvy as Mom has become.  I’m using some of her hormones. “

“Oh, I guess I should explain… I used to be her son, Elliott.  After seeing her so happy in becoming a woman, I shared my secret with her.  Now we support each other in becoming real girls – and in flirting with guys!”  


Sunday, September 14, 2014

MOTB Tales: Undercover Fun (Olivia + Melanie blend in too well!)

MOTB Tales: Undercover Fun
Brothers Max and Owen Bailey were both sergeants in the police department.  Max was in vice, and as such, he often found himself in drag, as he was short and looked quite fetching as a young woman.  She even referred to herself as Melanie in her role.  Owen was constantly kidding the kid over the cross-dressing assignments when the Chief reassigned Owen to Vice.  And Max/Melanie was the temporary department head.   

Of course, this meant revenge for all of those comments.  Which is why Melanie is posing as a bride?

“And you’ll be my maid of honor.  I have just the dress for you, sis,” snickered Melanie, who was posing as the bride of Tom Page, a detective who was helping Vice crack a prostitution ring by posing as a rival pimp.   

Owen dreaded the transformation at the hands of his little sister, but was amazed at how the pink strapless number showed off his legs, and the hair extensions and permanent makeup made him as pretty as any bridal model.   

“Earth to Olivia,”  Melanie cooed.  “Look, you’ll be paired with the rookie, Travis McCabe.  He’s posing as Tom’s best man.  Remember, act like a hot woman who is my sister and my second at the altar.  During the ceremony, plain clothes officers will apprehend the bad guys as they show up at the church.  But keep your service piece strapped to your leg just in case.  And handcuffs – maybe you and Travis will want to play a little good cop/ bad cop (giggle)  Enjoy yourself, big sis.”

Olivia took Melanie’s advice.  She cried as the bride and groom kissed, and she snuck off with the best man for some fun with the cuffs!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Hips Don’t Lie (Angelina follows Veronica around their new curves)

Hips Don’t Lie

Andre Conte kept looking at himself in the mirror.  Shirtless, he had slipped on to some new jeans that his son Vincent had gotten him for his birthday.  It seemed strange but Andre had a bubble butt.    His booty reminded him of the kind of round, jiggling ass that he loved in his ladies.  He felt his heart race and exhaled, and as he did, he noticed that he had HAIR on his head for the first time in decades!   

Andre walked on into the hallway, confused, and found Vincent, in denim, having also succumbed to the same kind of changes as his dad had.  

“Magic jeans,” Vincent grinned, as what appeared to be tits were forming on his – her chest.  “Four 48 hours, we’re gonna be girls – hot and horny women, for a night on the town.  I’m gonna be Veronica, and you’re gonna be Angelina.  I think you’re gonna enjoy being a sexy bitch, Mom.  By night’s end, we’re gonna have all of those men – and those HARD cocks – attention.  We’ll take a couple of studs home.”

Angelina slipped from under her sleeping, well hung conquest and into the bathroom where her daughter greeted her with a hug, smile and those magic jeans.  48 hours as sluts was clearly not nearly enough!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Now… You Understand (Andrea knew that Sara needed a little encouragment)

Now… You Understand
Andy Simmons had a secret he kept for decades from everyone, including his pride and joy, his son Shane.   Andy’s secret was Amanda, a curvy redheaded vixen who made men hard and women envious.  Amanda wasn’t Andy’s lover; Andy WAS Amanda, and Amanda was Andy.  She only kept her male persona to try and be the father to Shane that the boy needed.   

And then, one day, Shane walked in on Andy’s transformation in his dad’s bedroom.  They talked for hours. “Why do you do this?”   

Amanda had a hard time answering the lad.  How could he articulate the feelings he had as he slipped into the silkiest of lingerie, of applying makeup, of wearing six inch heels.  How he felt as he was leered at by some many people.  And certainly, how could he tell his son, his boy, that he felt some girlish whenever a man, a real man, took him out, or kissed him, or…

“Dad – or should I say – Mom?   Can you… show me, what it’s like?”

A year later, two sexy gingers stood before a mirror as they dressed for the evening, in the prettiest, sexiest of lingerie.  The effects of the hormones they were taking were changing their bodies, and their dreams and desires.

“I hope that Jeff and Bob appreciate how we look, how we made ourselves up for them, Mom.   Last night, I dreamt about… Jeff and I… we were kissing and making out, and then I heard you cry out … in pleasure… Mom…. I just want to…”

Andrea understood, and kissed and held Sara to let her know, she felt the same…

Hearts of Texas (Shannon + Tessa are hooked on Daddy)

Hearts of Texas
“Mommy, Daddy said you and him played football together.  How is that possible?  I thought girls couldn’t play football with boys, they’re too little!”   
Shannon Clayton grinned as she replied to her daughter. “Well, honey, just like you, I was born looking like a boy.  Everyone called me Scott, and your Daddy was my best friend George.  I was dating his sister Mary – your Aunt Mary, bless her soul.  I was going to be your Daddy, and your dad now would have been your Uncle George, and you would have been a boy named
Troy.  But the angels who took Aunt Mary from us decided that we should be girls, and that George was going to be my husband and daddy to a pretty little girl named Tessa.  If I had stayed a boy, I’d be out on that field playing for Texas like Daddy is now.  But I really do enjoy watching him and cheering for him with you more than anything in the world!”

   Shannon sighed, and Tessa sighed right along with her.  Lovingly, they watched George score a practice touchdown and occasionally yelled “Hook Em Horns!and “Go Daddy! Go Daddy!” 

Friday, September 5, 2014

If The Shoe Fits (Gina "pairs" with Kiki, "heel"-arity ensues)

If The Shoe Fits

Greg Parker’s double life was bound to catch up to him one day.  A lifelong crossdresser, Greg had somehow gotten a hold of some perfect six inch pumps off Craigslist from overseas.  He would never have dared go out as “Gina” without the shoes’ influence.  Each time she put them on and later removed them, it seemed that her legs were more shapely.  Not to mention the ass, belly, and tits?   

Within months, Greg seemed to disappear from his job, friend, and family.  His concerned son, Kyle, sought out to find him, and he tracked him down to a town in the next state.  Gina was now fully in control, working as a secretary, and sexually active with powerful men who liked their shemales curvy and horny.  Kyle couldn’t believe that his boring dad had become this stunning MILF, but Gina knew of one kinky way to prove to him that she was his hot mom now.   

After 60 days, Gina introduced her college age daughter Kiki to Max, one of her regular studs, who happened to have his son home from school.  The magic shoes were still working on filling out Kiki’s body but she was as eager to ride some fat cocks as her mom was. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

MADAME JAE: "My How We've Grown!" (Jillian + Darla together)

“My How WE’VE Grown!”

“Everyone,” Darla Drew spoke to the assembled audience, “Please look at this picture from eight years ago this month.  There they are – two very scared little girls (giggle).  Ladies and gentlemen, David Drew and his son Jeffrey had their first ever Madame Jae’s experience that night.  They were nervous about it, but that night, they both learned that they were destined to be happy women, and the closest mother-daughter duo ever. “ 

 The formal crowd listening to Darla applauded with enthusiasm. 

 “Also, that night, I met Luis, the man who would become my husband two years later.  And tonight, we come to celebrate my Jillian’s engagement to the man of her dreams, Trevor.  I’m so proud of you, my darling!”

“Mom, you know that it took me playing match maker for you to go out with him!,” snickered Jill as she choked back tears and glowed with pride.
“So this is OUR story.  WE found happiness in dresses, heels, and lipstick.   WE encouraged and held on to each other as we discovered what we wanted out of life – out of our men – out of OUR future.  My, how we BOTH have grown, thanks to our bond, and to the blessing that is the Madame Jae family!”  

 The crowd rose to a standing ovation.