Wednesday, October 22, 2014

From a Sad Dad to a HOT MOM! (Olivia + Maya, the shooting stars)

From a Sad Dad
to a HOT MOM!
Olivia Lee smiles as she watches her baby girl, Maya, play in the pool.  Both mother and daughter love to put on their bathing suits, and Olivia’s joy as a proud mom is unmatched.  It’s hard to conceive now, but two years ago, this family was facing a threat, and may not have survived. 

Back then, Olivia was Owen, a young father who hadmarried the daughter of Mr. Yung, the crime lord.  When his daughter died after childbirth, an enraged Yung blamed Owen, and he sent his goons out to do their worst.   

Owen ran while clutching baby Michael, and it was George, Owen’s best friend, who took them in.  It was also George who recommended that the father & son cover their tracks.  He could not have guessed how much of a hot mom that Olivia would turn out to be (he figured that as a teen, Maya will be as beautiful as her mother). 

 Olivia is forever grateful, and she promised her new husband that she would continue to thank him – every night – for protecting her and their sweet little daughter.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Glam-Fam (Caitlyn, Audrey, Linda - lights, camera, action!)

“Pops?  Dad and I don’t get it.  A glamour photo shoot?” Cliff Stone asked his grandfather Leo, on behalf of himself and Leo’s son, Adam.   

“Boys, ever since my beloved bride of 47 years passed, I have been alone and seeking a way to connect to her; you remember how stylish and womanly she was.  I’ve brought you here to meet Linda – a new  version of me – rebooted as you kids like to say. Now, before you judge me, walk a mile in my shoes.  Just be careful, those shoes have 4” heels and you’ll be navigating a floor in them while wearing some other feminine finery.  And remember –your inheritance is based on your enthusiasm (kidding)!”

Hours later, Caitlyn and Audrey were no longer worried about Linda losing her marbles, they totally got the wonderful feelings they felt being made pretty and wearing these soft silky clothes.   

“It’s fun being a hot mom,” Audrey giggled, “and it’s fun HAVING a hot mom!”  

 “So, you won’t be upset that I arranged a triple date for us next Saturday,” Linda asked.

“Well, they better be cute guys you picked for Mom and I, Nana,” Caitlyn chirped. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Case of BLACK-Male (Priscilla + Marisa: koo-koo for cocoa!)

A Case of BLACK-Male
Rodney Blaine and his son Dre laughed as Sgt. Peter Fergus shook with fear.  Pete’s son Matt, who had gone to the same high school as Dre, looked downward in guilt.   

“This is some fucked up shit,” Rodney admonished the white father and son.  “Your boy tries to frame my kid for an act of vandalism that he committed, and then you, a police officer, try to cover it up.  Even in 2014, your attitude and that of many members of law enforcement is still trying to stick it to my people! I cam call my lawyer, have your badge, and have you both go into prison, and as tiny as you both are, you can both end up being a gangster's  bitch – or you can do it MY way.   What you do say,  GIRLS?”

Pete and Matty both wanted to protest the changes that Rodney’s associates put them through, but down deep, the dormany sissies that they must have been all along started to come out.  “Marisa” accepted fully her new role first, and at first, it embarrassed “Priscilla”, who would hear her new daughter moan as Dre and her had a lot of sex.  But that pain turned to pride as a mother, and after a lot of coaxing and threatening, Pris gave herself to Rodney – and it was incredible.   

The sublime feeling of a big black cock inside of her bonded her to her man.  To celebrate this new mixed family,  Rodney took the four-some out to a lakeside resort.  The sight of two Nubian studs with two tiny blondes in their thrall  angered some but delighted others.  Mom and daughter now thought of “blackmail” as something they wanted very badly!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

DeviantART account "virtual vault" activated

I've had a DeviantART account for years, but on a whim a couple of days ago, I decided to upload some caps (some have been cleaned up with the newer FT logo and fixing colors or grammatical errors, or titling)  Check it out at

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Golden State (Charlotte says, "Go west, young ladies" and GLOW!)

“Charlotte, get between the girls.  Amy, Hannah, face the same direction as your mom.  Wow, I got three California beauties in one shot – and the Golden Gate as the back drop.  Say CHEESE!”

This was a level of joy that a year ago, neither Christopher Norris, or his sons Alex or Heath, could have dreamt possible.  After Natalie Norris’s murder as reprisal for Detective Chris Norris booking the mob boss for hits back in Jersey, the trio needed not only a new set of identities, but a reason to keeping on trying…

Charlotte loves her new closeness with her daughter – and she’s fallen in love with Joe, the WPS agent who helped them all cope.  Her teens hope to have some Cali hunks to date as well, as they all  settle into their  new lives, in the City by the Bay.

Friday, October 10, 2014

It’s Good To Be A Queen (Sex is power, just ask Shondra + Dorothy)

It’s Good To Be A Queen

David Pence could not comprehend why his son, his baby boy Steve, would degrade himself by dressing, acting, and cavorting like… a WOMAN!  

“Think about it dad… your wives basically emasculated you in your divorces.  A hot woman has power over supposedly “tough guys” like you and like what I used to be.  I read this article online about men who liked chicks with dicks, and then at a Halloween party, a former girlfriend dressed me up as a hot blonde.  I couldn’t keep the guys off of me, and I decided to say yes to one guy for a date.  Damm, he rocked my world.  Now I’m engaged to the city’s #1 real estate developer, and we’re throwing a big party to celebrate.  You’re welcome to come, but wouldn’t like to learn what being a sexy, stylish blonde socialite is all about – dad – or should I say, MOM?”

Shondra’s words resonated with Dave, and two weeks later, Dorothy wowed everyone at her daughter’s regal event.  She even landed her own powerful, virile man to manipulate.  Life was good. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Goddess Mode (A trio of sensual and regal T-girls)

Goddess Mode
Professor Ross Bowe, a well respected archeologist was very appreciative of his sons, Chad and Paul, taking part in a bit of role play at the Renaissance Faire, when they could have gone to the homecoming game that weekend.   

“So, just as several ancient tribes of Eurasia did for centuries, we have dressed as females – in our case, a mother presenting her daughters to the King as potential brides for the knights and lords of 

his royal court.  You both look so beautiful with these flower crowns and white silk.”

Candice sighed, “Well, we did discover that we really enjoy the guys  who treated us like goddesses – right sister dear?”

“For sure, we rocked their worlds,” Paige giggled.  “And what about you, Mom?  You’re just as much a wanton shemale wench as we have become.   Which man of power and ummm… size… will you have wrapped around your finger?”

Ruth mischievously grinned. “Oh I may try a few of them out – for research purposes, of course.”