Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Not MuchTo Say (but Deena + Teri have much to SWAY)

Not Much                    To Say

DAN: Hey Dad?

TOM: Yes Son?

DAN: I’m sorry about the accident, and destroying that old hag’s garden.  Because if I had known that she could turn us into chicks, then…

TOM: Danny, I know.  It’s surreal. 

DAN: I mean, we’re out here on the beach… in bikinis… in these bodies... all these feelings…

TOM: There’s really not much left to say about this… except for this thought…

DAN: What’s that, Dad?

TERI: I think I look pretty damm good in this bikini.

DEENA: Me too.  She did give us some killer bodies.

TERI: She did. And we both want to use these bodies. You ready to go talk to the guys sitting over there?

DEENA: Mom, I could not have said it better myself!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Exceed Expectations (Renee + Melanie go beyond roleplaying)

Exceed Expectations

Rick: Dad, I didn’t expect all of this.  I mean, all of the kids at school dressed as the other gender, and most of them did it as a joke.  

Mike:   Hey, a lot of people do think that transgender is something to mock or worse.  But nowadays, many more people are living as the person they truly are on the inside.  That’s why I wanted to give you a realistic makeover, and you look so gorgeous.  It looks like you have enjoyed spending the week like any other girl.  I know I really am enjoying having a daughter.  I love you no matter what; what do you think honey?

Renee: Well… maybe I might want to explore a little more of this feeling.  I mean, Shaun did ask me out to see a movie this weekend. I’m gonna need some advice about how to get ready to impress a cute guy, Mom.

Melanie: Speaking of hunks, Shaun got his good looks from his dad.  Let’s go double dating, and see where this road takes us! :)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

MOTB: The Continuing Conversation (Elena + Peggy are hot honeys - word.)

MOTB Tales: The Continuing Conversation

I remember when my son, Edward Nguyễn, accepted me into his apartment after I hit rock bottom.  I was dealing with my gender identity, and most of those I knew did not accept me transitioning from Paul to Peggy.  Eddie never judged nor tried to “cure” me.  He sat with me on many a day when I cried that I thought I was worthless, ugly, a shame to him and our family.   

He wouldn’t hear of it – “Mom, you’re a beautiful woman.  I am proud of you for trying to be who you are. “  He was so selfless!

Three years later, Alec proposed to me, and I was in heaven.   He was so caring, funny, made a great living and made me scream as a lover.  Eddie was thrilled on the outside, but on the inside, I could tell, he was a little jealous.  

 I confronted him, and admitted it, between tears.   “I’m going to be so lonely without you here everyday to talk.”  My maternal instincts took over.   

As we waited for the rest of the bridal party meet us in the hotel lobby,  I embraced my new daughter.  The hormones had done as great a job on Elena’s figure as they had on mine.  Not to mention her desires.   

“This hen party is going to be such fun, Mom.   Let’s corner the stripper with the biggest cock, and we can both blow him,” my maiden of honor whispered to me.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Shop Talk (Rita & Claudia: working, playing & loving as ladies)

Shop Talk

Rita:  I can’t tell you just how happy I am to see you happy again.   And for us to have a real relationship again.  I know that when I changed sex and left Roger behind, I shocked and angered you, honey.  But I knew that when you were my son, that Craig was just like me, 22 years ago.  Trying so hard to make money, to be a guys’ guy, but just like me, it was better to let your true self shine.

Claudia:  Oh, Mom, I love you and I owe you so much.  When I got fired and was left behind by my fiancee and so called friend and family, you gave me a job here at your fabric shop.  I learned that, like you, I did love fashion and dressmaking.  I cried on your shoulder, and you nurtured me, and brought me out of my shell.  Now we’re running the shop together, we look fabulous, and we have such handsome guys in our lives.  One more thing… thanks for teaching me how to tease and please my lover in bed.  I do enjoy our little talks about sex and your insight on being a romantic woman.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Mami Maria (and her daughters... muy caliente!)

Mami Maria
I did not ask for this, for myself, Miguel Reyes or my two sons, Eduardo or Luis.  At first, we felt great shame at what was happening to our bodies.  The Army officer who was helping us explained that the base released some sort of radiation into the woods where the boys and I were camping.  Our families wanted no part of us, as if being Latino meant that men had to be only men.  Hey, we didn’t ask to have our sex changed!

I wanted to be this tough, fiery, macho man and a good role model for my boys.  But as I became Maria, I changed into a tiny, sexy woman with all of the curves and beauty you expect in a Latina!  I also felt my passion for the kind of man I could never be – with broad shoulders, a rugged face, and an enticing treat inside his trousers!  Mmm, no wonder my boyfriend loves me, he knows I’m always such a horny little mami. (giggle)

And now, I see in the eyes of my daughters the same feelings of love – and lust!  Eliza and Lita strut around in tiny shorts and belly baring tops, and they are always flirting with the boys they meet.   I have to put my foot sometimes with them, but they are really good girls, and they listen to their Mami.   

We all ended up this way together, and as familia, we will be three happy, lovely, sexy  girls  with guys eating out of our hands!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Simon Left… now, Sharon’s Back! (and Emma's not far "behind")

Simon Left…  
now, Sharon’s Back!
“My dad was Simon Warner.  He was a pretty cool dad, but he seemed conflicted.  I asked him one day what was bothering him, and he said, “Emma, sweetie… how do I say this… I.. I NEED to be a woman.  It’s something I felt inside since I was your age.  I love being your dad, but it’s my dream to be a mother.  And a wife.  I want to change my body to match my spirit.  I want to be on the arm of a handsome man, either in a dress, some sexy lingerie, a tiny bikini… or just a smile (giggle).”

“Well, you should be who you need to me.  I think you’d make a great mom!  What would your girl name be?”

“I’m going to be Sharon.  Thank you, love your support.”

“So Simon left, so to speak, and Sharon arrived.  She is an amazing mom, and a pretty sexy lady, as you can see by this picture.  Men just stare at her round booty.  As I grow older, I hope my butt gets as big and curvy as Mom has become.  I’m using some of her hormones. “

“Oh, I guess I should explain… I used to be her son, Elliott.  After seeing her so happy in becoming a woman, I shared my secret with her.  Now we support each other in becoming real girls – and in flirting with guys!”  


Sunday, September 14, 2014

MOTB Tales: Undercover Fun (Olivia + Melanie blend in too well!)

MOTB Tales: Undercover Fun
Brothers Max and Owen Bailey were both sergeants in the police department.  Max was in vice, and as such, he often found himself in drag, as he was short and looked quite fetching as a young woman.  She even referred to herself as Melanie in her role.  Owen was constantly kidding the kid over the cross-dressing assignments when the Chief reassigned Owen to Vice.  And Max/Melanie was the temporary department head.   

Of course, this meant revenge for all of those comments.  Which is why Melanie is posing as a bride?

“And you’ll be my maid of honor.  I have just the dress for you, sis,” snickered Melanie, who was posing as the bride of Tom Page, a detective who was helping Vice crack a prostitution ring by posing as a rival pimp.   

Owen dreaded the transformation at the hands of his little sister, but was amazed at how the pink strapless number showed off his legs, and the hair extensions and permanent makeup made him as pretty as any bridal model.   

“Earth to Olivia,”  Melanie cooed.  “Look, you’ll be paired with the rookie, Travis McCabe.  He’s posing as Tom’s best man.  Remember, act like a hot woman who is my sister and my second at the altar.  During the ceremony, plain clothes officers will apprehend the bad guys as they show up at the church.  But keep your service piece strapped to your leg just in case.  And handcuffs – maybe you and Travis will want to play a little good cop/ bad cop (giggle)  Enjoy yourself, big sis.”

Olivia took Melanie’s advice.  She cried as the bride and groom kissed, and she snuck off with the best man for some fun with the cuffs!