Friday, December 19, 2014

Worth Twi¢e the Pri¢e (Barbara + Jenna like "package" deals)


Ben and Jason Cobb planned their father/son vacation at an all inclusive resort, with great golf courses, sandy white beaches, and nightlife.  And the women!  Perfect bodies that looked good in bikinis and – and out them too!
Through an online site, Jason thought he had found an awesome rate for two weeks of debauchery for him and his dad.  Next time, read the fine print when you make the reservation.  That was a “girls only” fare.  Luckily for the two of them, the hotel manager was willing to honor the rate – so long as they honored the terms of the booking.  Oh and did I mention that the manager was a warlock?
“This is turning out better than I could have dreamed,” gushed the newly busty Barbara Cobb.  “I just got asked to dinner by Robert over there.  What a hunk!  Don’t wait up for me to come back to the room, sweetheart.”
“Umm, OK, Mom,” a slightly unsettled Jenna responded to Barbara.  She was still getting used to her new bikini body and hormones.  But after meeting Joe at the disco that night, she, like Barb, wasn’t coming  back to their suite.
By the end of the fortnight, mom and daughter had gotten so much cock – they needed more vacation time!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

AFT on deviantART!

As I continue to slowly build my "inventory" of new caps back to a normal level, I am proud to debut here on Blogger, my new deviantART site!  I have chosen to use DA as a showcase for some of my favorite works, including some reboots of caps and cap stories.  Come visit me there! :)

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Madame Jae: "YO, Adrian!" (Sometimes, having 4 T-girls in your house can be a lil... rocky)

YO, Adrian!

“Penny for your thoughts, babe?” Stella Valvoni asked her husband of one year, Adrian Valvoni.   

Adrian and Stella had met at a J-Club mixer two years ago, and they hit it off immediately.  Adrian was more than sexually attracted to the leggy brunette T-girl who was born Simon Eaton; he truly was a kind-hearted fellow.  Stella loved how he treated her like a lady and listened to her talk about her failed marriage as a man and having to raise her three sons as a single mom.  He was so understanding, so charming (and an amazing, gifted lover, Stella soon found out.)

“Well, babe, I’m thrilled that your kids were so accepting of you becoming a woman – and so supportive,”  Adrian mumbled as he looked over a smiling trio.   

He had an arm around the youngest, Cody, while the older brothers, Zach and Travis, stood close to their new mom.  Such good boys – except in their dresses, heels, and long hair do’s, they were as feminine as their former father.   They were blossoming as females right before his eyes!

“They all wanted to be girls?  I mean, if it makes em happy, I’m certainly all for that.  But I kind of wish at one would have stayed a boy, and we could have gone to a ball game, and…”

Stella shrugged her shoulders and smiled.   

“C’mon Daddy, I wanna dance with you,” Caitlyn said as she pulled Adrian out on the dance floor.  

 Adrian watched as Zelda and Tina were asked to dance by some young J-Clubbers, and realized he was outnumbered by pretty girls.  Stella watched with pride.

Monday, December 8, 2014



What does this mean, my friends?

It means that this blog is very close to 1000 posts.  And I am at a crossroads.  Please note, this is not a "I'm leaving" post.

Far from it.  I hope that my work lasts forever. Now, whether it will exist on Blogger, or DeviantArt, or Rachel's Haven, or wherever, who can say?

Why have my efforts on here slowed down?  Many reasons.  I have less time, less ideas, and maybe I've done that concept 200 times...

But I am proud of my work.  I have taken a very unique concept - TG caps and stories with families "doing it together" - and made a niche for myself.
I am FAR from done.  But in case you see days or weeks go by, just know, I keep this blog going for two people:
ME and YOU

Love, Annabelle xxoo  

Saturday, December 6, 2014

A Mile In Her Shoes (Madeline brings Nina "home")

A mile in her shoes
For ten years, I was embarrassed to call Michael Parker my father.  He left me alone at age 14, with that bitch who birthed me, to “find herself.”  Yes, he wanted to be a woman, and I couldn’t comprehend.  Then one day, an email from “Madeline.”   

A free trip to Las Vegas?  Sure.  

 I was not prepared for the blonde beauty who greeted me with her boobs in my face.   Turns out she had started as a tranny escort, and caught the eye of a casino exec, and now looked a piece surgically perfect arm candy.   

We talked for hours, and she said with a taunt in her smile, “Walk a mile in my shoes, Nathan– how about Nina?  I always wanted to be a mom, and I think you would make a pretty and sexy girl.  You do take after me, and my doctors can take care of the rest.  Trust me, money is NO object.  Especially when you have a man wrapped around your pretty little finger.”
That was six months ago; tonight, her husband – and his buddy, my new boyfriend, are taking Mom and I to the hottest spot on the Strip.   

“And at breakfast, we can discuss your how amazing sex is with a real man.”   

Oh Mom, I hope you have more sexy fun in store for us!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Next Stop, Magic Kingdom! (Alison + Celeste on the road to peace + princesses)

Next Stop, Magic Kingdom!
“Dad, our hair is growing, long and golden.  It’s… like magic!” exclaimed an excited Anthony Collins to his father Clint as the young parent drove the family car southbound. 

When they got their tickets for a week at Disney, it included a special box of candy that was to be eaten as they drove the hundreds of miles.  A crossdresser who had been dormant since he became a dad, Clint had dreamt of waltzing out of the Princess Castle, getting the attention of the crowd, and perhaps 
she could show her son a thing of too about being a princess!   

“Hurry, Mom, I can’t wait to get to Florida and we can try on our bikinis,” cheered a now blossoming cutie Alison.   

Celeste grinned at Alison and suggested that they stop at the outlets along I-95 and get some cute tops, shoes, and perhaps – ball gowns?   

“Get ready – we have to look pretty for the princes we’ll meet there!”

Friday, November 28, 2014

Reunited As Girls (Suzie + daughters might come home with you!)

The family had been apart FAR too long!  Since all five of Stan Henner’s boys had last been together, Craig (the eldest) finished med school; Marc had been signed by the Red Sox, Eric became a bartender in LA, and Vance finished his time in the Coast Guard.  Stan was damn proud of his sons! 
But today, Suzie was just so delighted that her “girls” were back! It had been a long, four year sabbatical since they had worn dresses as family.  Before starting her residency at Hopkins, Christy wanted to spend a few weeks with her little sisters Monica, Emma, Vicki, and especially her mom.  

 Christy challenged her family to bed at least one sexy man before they went back to their old lives.  Hot as they were (especially the cleavy Suzie), that was no problem.