Sunday, August 17, 2014

On A Technicality… (Rebecca + Simone bringing something extra to the pageant)

On A Technicality…
John Wilson, the organize of the Beauty Times Two Mother Daughter Fashion Contest, called for Rebecca and Simone Taylor to step outside of the local playhouse theatre.  He had his suspicions about the duo.

“So, we did a little checking on you application, and at your address, there is a Mr. Robert Taylor.  Then my son, Zach, who is helping us out here today, said he recalled a boy named Stan Taylor who he went to school with who lived on that street.  We called the school district, and they confirmed your real identities.  I’m sorry, but technically, you’re not eligible to win this contest.  However, both Zach and I think that the two of you – regardless of what is beneath those tight dresses, are the most beautiful pair that was on stage tonight.  You’re poise shown through, even during the swimsuit phase.  It’s just that… well.”

“Now, Mr. Wilson,” cooed Rebecca, “my daughter and I came out under our female identities after Simone graduated last spring.  I’m sure that” – as the slinky brunette pressed her curves across John’s chest – “as the authority` figure, you can find a way to keep us – in the running.”

“Hey mom, Zach Wilson was pretty hot when we were in school.  I’ll go find him while you – work out things – with Mr. Wilson,” giggled Simone.

The Taylors won that night, and shared their “prizes” with the Wilsons…

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Secret Family (Melinda schemes so her girls can dream)

The Secret Family

Hi, I’m Marshall Chase, and these are my sons Trent and Craig.  What, you only three gorgeous blondes?  Well, we have been leading a secret life as a stylish woman and her pretty daughters!
You see, my former wife – and her family – are looking for us “guys” – their lawyers screwed me over and were trying to deny me seeing my children.   

The nerve, just because I’m a man in touch with my feminine soul.  I may be the biological “father”, but in my heart, I’m the loving mother to my babies.  And I realized early that the kids were as uncomfortable as boys as I was at “being a man.”  The bitch remarried, and their stepdad mocked their  manhood.  Well, I knew I had to get them away from that SOB, and  when the courts screwed with me, well, let’s say I showed my kids how to escape their “jail.”
After a careful series of makeovers, Melinda Cline and her two mini-me’s, Tabitha and Caitlyn, left for the west coast and haven’t looked back.  I have been administering hormones to all three of us, and the results were on display when we went to the beach.  That’s also where my girls realized that they were hot stuff, and could have their pick of boyfriends.   

I told them, “Watch your mom.  I’ll make sure you’re  ready to date and eventually explore your feelings!”

Friday, August 15, 2014

Birthday at the Spa (Glenda + Mindy, seeking peace and something more)

Birthday at the Spa
Greg Heard figured his son Mark bought him a “mother/daughter” spa day as a joke 50th birthday gift.

“Nope… this treatment is just for guys who want to experience a weekend or a week or even a month in the other sex.  I think two weeks is enough time for us to enjoy bonding over cute dresses, salon days, and especially… hot guys!” Mindy giggled to the new Glenda.  

“Like our upcoming dates?  I think Tony and your Jason both seem like the kind of studs that will drive girls like us crazy in bed!” wistfully grinned the new cougar.  

“Careful, Mom, or you might have a happy little accident.. speaking of birthday gifts!”

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Parental Support (Leanne is fast learner, which pleases Monica)

Parental Support
Look, I take my role as parent very seriously.  In raising my child by myself, I not only had to make sure than my Lewis was fed and went to school and kept healthy, but that  me (Morris at the time) was there to support his goals and dreams.  When he played baseball, I was his personal hitting coach – when he was studying chemistry, I was his lab assistant.  Then one October night…

“Dad, I want to dress up for Halloween.  I was thinking of something a little outside of the box.  Maybe I could dress like… a sexy girl perhaps?”

“Hey, I like that idea.  Try these heels on.  Oh, steady as she goes.  Ah, wow, your legs look incredible.  Not to mention your butt.  Guys will drool over you!”

“Yea, I feel like a dirty hooker in these.  Wait… Dad, where did you get these?”

Well… I hadn’t dressed very much since I was in college, but I still remembered many of the tricks of the trade – Monica on the streets at night, selling her body for horny men paid for both my college degrees!  After a long talk and a night to transform ourselves, Monica returned to accompany the new Leanne to the frat party.   With our incredible legs, newly fortified bosoms, and raven haired wigs, we looked more like a pair of hot sisters than a mother-daughter duo. 

“So Mom, I want to follow in your mincing footsteps as a shemale whore.  I’m so glad to have you show me how to get the most cock, and the most money!”

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Two Blondes at Sea (Ahoy, Ashley + Faith! The sea is calling...)

Two Blondes at Sea

Adam: As long as I can remember, it’s been my grandfather, his daughter, who was my mom, and me.  Mom was part of Gramp’s travel agency, and we used to go on a lot of cruises when I was little.  Then, Mom got really sick…

Fred: When Jane passed, I was Adam’s only family, and there was no doubt that I would look after him.  But I had to level with him.  Since I was divorced when Jane was a teen, she used to dress me as a woman, and we enjoyed some nice nights out as girls, whenever we got a sitter for the kid.

Ashley: I didn’t think it was weird at all, in fact I asked Gramp to show me what he looked like.  I met Gran, and I loved to see how happy she was.  Then I asked… what’s it like to be transformed into a pretty girl?

Faith: And I knew that Jane must have been smiling down on us to see the emergence of my new granddaughter.  Now I was taking her out for the evening, and on top of that going to the outlets, and for some spa time.  We found a cruise that lets girls like us enjoy ourselves and meet some others!

Ashley: So Gran, what do you think about that nice man who invited you to dinner tonight?  He said he had a nephew on board who was my age.  I hope he’s a cutie.  I guess we’re double dating tonight!  Do you like my skirt?

Faith: Well, it shows off those sexy legs, girl! (giggle)  I just have one question… am I supposed to give you “the talk?”  Because I’m still kind of new at dating guys… this is where your mother would have been a big help!

Ashley:  Oh Gran, you’re such a bubbleheaded blonde!  And so am I (giggle)

Saturday, August 9, 2014

#TransFamChat (An internet TG dream... babes included!)

Donna Gilley and Mary Ortiz may live over 1000 miles apart, but they are as close as any girlfriends.  They both joined the sub forum “TransFamChat” three years ago, and built an amazing friendship, bonding over their new lives as happy women and dedicated mothers.   

The former David Gilley felt unsure over how to  break the news to his son Corey that she was transgender.  Meanwhile, Marco Ortiz knew his sons Frankie and Vin were exploring cross-dressing in secret, just as Marco had done as a young lad.  It had been young Corey who directed his new mom to the Internet to seek advice, and even a shoulder to cry on.  DGBlonde” responded 
to “Mami2teens”, which Marco posted online in “virtual drag” a picture of her daughters after their first makeover.   

Over the months, Donna and Mary logged on nightly to get the latest news on the blossoming of their daughters – lovely Latinas Fiona & Vera, and the newest girl – Crissy!   They also
encouraged each other.  Soon, their young ladies were each other's virtual BFFs.  It felt like one happy feminine family.  

 They finally met IRL – at the beach – in skimpy bikinis!  As the girls squealed and hugged one another, the daughters challenged the moms,  

“So , ladies, which of you will be the first of us to go out with a hot guy?” Donna & Mary both blushed!

A Special Conversation (Kayla, listen to Madeline, and enjoy life!)

A Special Conversation
Kevin:  You  know, I never knew how challenging it was to walk in heels, Dad.  It makes you take smaller steps.  Add wearing pantyhose to that, and it’s…

Mike:   Interesting? You should see what it’s done to your legs and butt, kid.  But I hear you when it comes to what we have on underneath.  Having to wear a bra is something men can not comprehend – much less having two big, bouncy…

Kevin:  Oh, I’m very aware of my bra, and I shouldn’t be jealous of being a petite and you having a full rack on full display!  But… I kind of am.  I don’t know…

Mike:   Well, this is your first time dressing up, and I wasn’t sure if you wanted the “full Monty,” honey.  Besides, you look like a model with your long thin legs and gorgeous facial features.  Face it – Kayla – you make a real natural girl.

Kayla:  Just like my  new “mother” eh?  I’m amazed at how you can transform
 yourself  from a normal man into a glamorous sexpot.  Those breast forms look so real!

Madeline:  I have a confession to make – they aren’t breast forms.  I’ve been on hormones for a year and you haven’t seen my bare chest until tonight.  I need to be a woman full time, sweetie.  I think you should join me in this adventure.  Like mother – like daughter!

Kayla:  Mom!   I… don’t know about this.  How will you be able to keep your job at the firm?  How will your old fogey law partners react to your gender reassignment surgery?

Madeline:  Well, you know Tony and I have been in kind of a secret affair for a few months now.  We’re both leaving the firm and we’re starting our own. A husband-wife legal team.  And who said I was having SRS?  Tony likes me as a “special girl.”  And you know who else does?  His young cousin, Sean.  That’s who we are meeting tonight for dinner and drinks…

Kayla:  Well, I should be mad at you Mom, but I so want to be a “special” girl – just like you!