Sunday, July 27, 2014

Cosplay Bonding (Molly + NIcole make prettier girls than any Norse god, heh) #sdcc

Cosplay Bonding

Neil Lewis liked superheroes  as a young boy, but he told his son Matt that at age 16, he was now too old to still be fantasizing  about being  The Batman or the like.   

“But, Dad, I’m going to the comic con to do a little cosplay, and there are quite a few parent/kid duos dressing up.  How about you join me this weekend, coz we don’t get to catch up since you work so much?”

Neil agreed – but was shocked at Matt’s choice.   THE BLACK CANARY?   

“Hey, a lot of cosplay is dressing in drag.  Besides, Grandma told me that you used to get girled up for fun in high school.  How about instead of father-son bonding, we try mom-daughter instead?  I bet we’ll win!”
Sure enough, NICOLE really enjoyed stretching her sexy legs as a “crime fighting” blonde babe. But just as much, she appreciated spending time with  MOLLY.  They didn’t win the SuperCon costume prize, but they did accept the invitation of Eric Powell (Sr. and Jr.), who came as Doctor Whos  4 & 11, respectively, to take the Canaries out for a post-Con dinner  date.   

“Mom, I think they would make such awesome boyfriends!”

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sally’s Dream (a sweet slumber for her and precious Patti)

Sally’s Dream
One day at a yard sale, my daddy (Phillip) bought a old, dusty metal thing he called a typewriter. 

“People used to write letters on it, Shaun.  Here, I’ll show you.  I’ll put in this piece of paper in.  Please tell me what you dream about the most and this feeling will come true!”

Hmm… well, I thought about it.  I asked Daddy to  type that I wanted to have a mommy again, and that we could be happy forever.

As he typed, magic pixie dust covered us.  I closed and opened my eyes and I found myself in bed with a lady – it was Daddy, who was now a girl – and so was I.  We had pretty dresses on!

“Looks like we both get our dream come true, Sally.  I always dreamt of being a mommy named Patti.  And mommies and daughters go together, don’t you think, honey?”

I agreed with Mommy, and we hugged, and we spent the day dreaming of new adventures!

Friday, July 25, 2014

The Mother Daughter Project (Results are sucessful, on two fronts...)

As Pamela & Brittany Quinn strolled hand in hand across the floor of the debutante party, two proud blonde women watched the auburn haired duo with the curvy bodies & smiles.
“They look so gorgeous and poised, Mom,” whispered Devin Perry .  

 Erika Perry agreed with her daughter.  “They’ve both come so far, and they look at tonight as their reward for their dedication to their new lives as special sexy girls!”

Paul Quinn had been Erika’s fiancĂ©e, and they were planning a new life as a blended family, bringing  together Devin & his son Brandon.  But Erika saw more of a sister in Paul than the man of her dreams, and she and Devin set about a plan to sissify them.  Money was no object as Erika spent a lot of wardrobe, personal care, and medical treatments.   

Paul/Pam and Brandon/Britt both went from whimpering denial to great joy as their bodies and attitudes developed together.  The Quinns also saw the closeness that Erika & Devin had, and they bonded more deeply as a lovely mom and daughter should.
“Tonight, their  dates will bring out their unbridled shemale passions,” Erika whispered to Devin.  

“Just like our guys did 4 years ago, Mom,” the former David Perry giggled back to her parent who’s name used to be Elvin.   The slinky blondes still had a reminder of their male past under their panties, just like their  “projects.”

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

SHRINKAGE! (Rita + Winnie have a remedy for your short-cummings!)

Robert: Dammit, bro!  This pool water is so cold!

Wayne:   Yea, I guess you’re also experiencing a little unexpected shrinkage!  Just remember, we have to refer to each other as sisters, with female pronouns – as if seeing myself and my big brother as blonde babes in bikinis isn’t enough of a hint!  
Rita: No shit!  (giggle)  Hey I really want to thank you for showing me how much fun being a shemale.  I love the way we look.  And being sisters has brought us closer…

Winnie: I know, I love having you as a BFF, sis.  Now, check out those hunks by the diving board – yummy!

Rita: Yea, but in this chilly pool, we may have to help them warm up! :)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

MADAME JAE: The Heroes are back, charting a course for a new, desirable destination...

After saving founder Madame Jae from drowning, she happily treated Bruce and teen
 son Jeff to incredible makeovers.   

A year later, our heroes have a little talk while walking along the beach…
JODI: Are you ready for this Mom?  Are you ready for being…

BONNIE: Being with another man? (sigh)  Yes, honey… I’m ready.

JODI: Hey, remember what Madame said, Mom.  We’re not men anymore, we’re MJ girls.  We are ultra feminine creatures who just happen to have something “special” hidden in these bikini bottoms.
BONNIE: Sorry, I know.  Over the last year, I have learned what it’s like to be a beautiful woman, and that includes learning from you, Jodi.  I’m so proud of you, of both of us!  And after all of our “practice”…

JODI: Yea, those toys they gave us two weeks ago, I think I have a great idea of what’s it going to be like to drop this bottom, and to give myself to the man I choose to make me a complete Madame Jae girl!
BONNIE: Me too.  I’ve imagined the scenario in my mind a thousand times.  Mmmm  who ever would have thought it, hon?  You and I have these incredible curves, thanks to the Jae Juice… and that same elixir have turned a dull father and son into two blond nymphomaniacs!
JODI: Mom, I can’t think of anyone else would say this to.  Look ahead at those two handsome fellows.  Father and son, I bet.  Let’s go get them, and fulfill this hot fantasy!

BONNIE: What fantasy is that – luring them back to our rooms, or letting them fuck us right here on the beach? (giggle)  Well, guess we’re gonna find out shortly, because they’ve spotted us!  

 Hello fellows…

See how Bonnie and Jodi's journey began...

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Now That You’re Old Enough (A pre-vacation cap from yours truly... cya in a few weeks)

Now That You Are Old Enough

JEFF:  Wow, I wish I knew that my father and grandfather have spent decades pretending to be on a “guys-only” fishing trip, only to find out it’s a cover for posing as hot blonde babes for a month!

ALAN:  Sorry for having to lie for all these years, kid.  I first came where when I was 18 as well.  Dad knew the apple fell very close to the tree, so he taught me how to rock a bikini and flirt and tease with guys!

LEO: And now, it’s your turn, and I know you’re going to enjoy this, now that you are old enough.  For the next 30 days,  you will be a sexy young woman, at this very exclusive resort with your  “partners in crime” – your gorgeous mother and your pretty damn hot for her age grandmom.  Look at those guys across the pool.   They want us.  They’re fantasizing about having ALL three of us…

Julie smiled at those guys right along with Alison and Lisa.  She knew that

 she could be just as much of a horny she-male slut as her role models had been for years!



Sunday, July 6, 2014

Please Share This Moment With Me… (Michelle + Giselle are blessed with beauty + each other)

Please Share This Moment With Me…
  “Goodbye, Marcus… hello Michelle!” announced the proud father, Garrett, as he went to embrace his child.  This would be her first prom, and Garrett  had spent a lot on her lovely gown.  Nothing was too good for his baby girl after she came out as female.

“And goodbye Garrett, hello Giselle!” a grateful daughter replied to her role model.  Garrett hadn’t dressed outside of the house, but at Michelle’s insistence, she would make her own public debut as a chaperone at King High’s big dance.  “Now, Mom, I know you’re going to be watching me and Cliff at the prom, but we’re both going to be watching his Dad, Dr. Cyrus, and you.  You better behave yourself, young lady!”  

 The gorgeous ebony pair devolved into a giggling, girlish fit.  And after their goodnight kisses, Giselle Lane and her daughter Michelle shared a wonderful moment as a happy mother/daughter duo.